Debate: anarcho-pragmatism and Hobbes

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In the Hobbes concept; "mostly humans have teenagers mentality" elaborated during Illustration period, individuals cannot complete decide (and will cannot never make it) about collective evolution, so they are substituted by a dictatorship from an intellectual elite.

In the anarcho-pragmatism; "mostly humans have teenagers mentality" but almost until they reach (is not a perpetual problem) some level of education (as individuals and as collective), so the concept can be refused when required, to provide or not more sovereignty to participants during time. Also, they always have the right to decide about the consecuences of their voluntary and involuntary actions.

For example, a method proposed by anarcho-pragmatism for some problems resolution is to give (temporal or not) empowerment to other humans or technologies (for example, an AI) in order to decide.

Finally, participants can entirely refuse (only as a voluntary action) to their right to participate and let to others (humans or technology) to organize them as a collective, which is what Hobbes concept describes and is also supported by Anarcho-pragmatism_model.

This theory can be considered as intellectually bourgeois but also as a temporal organization method that emerges from some concrete social status as another pragmatic starting point, based on one of the multiple generalistic points of view of human knowledge skills (for example, on the current capacity for interpersonal relationships humanity self-destruction).