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More info: Anarcho-pragmatism model

* Shorted as: anarcho-AI

* Tagged as: techno-anarchism, anarcho-pragmatist, anarcho-pragmatism school, concrete-anarchy, anarcho-scientist, anarcho-ecotech, anarcho-cyboring, in-voluntary-despotism, anarcho-sciencecracy...

* Confused with: anarcho-capitalism, anarchist-communism, social-anarchism...

anarcho-AI is the best short term to define Anarcho-pragmatism model because can be understood like a (humans common sense*AI) that acts without hierarchy for data processing (simulated or not) and which extracts from rationality facts some conclusions in order to aim to apply some action/reaction dynamics as logic in computer science like rules, to development a more equalty social organization methodology for participants.

This can be described from a futuristic perspective, like;

An action/reaction intellectual culture and serie of pragmatic facts and command tactics, of/from a neutral, non-hierarchy, organization and/or by an artificial neural networking, AI, making and executing decisions based on best efficient 'big-data' reply and applying a system of human rules from an universal suffrage and ethics system with a model of survival priorities system in which are contemplated all possible simulated or not (for example, via computer processing) scenarios, voluntary actions or involuntary actions, for the individual and the collective.