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No words...

[org: 18/06/2019] [rev: 18/06/2019] by psy [03c8.net]


Some have watches ...

[org: 03/07/2024] [rev: 03/07/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

And others have time.

Nothing is a fiction ...

[org: 03/07/2024] [rev: 03/07/2024] por by [03c8.net]

To understand everything.

Western men at the beginning of the century are ...

[org: 01/07/2024] [rev: 01/07/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

Suffering a serious identity crisis, which makes them more vulnerable and manipulable, than never before in history.

Concept: "Latent Crime" ...

[org: 30/06/2024] [rev: 30/06/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

For example, houses without people and people without home.

Less narcissistic lyric and foolish ...

[org: 30/06/2024] [rev: 30/06/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

And more dialectical and concrete rhetoric.

Live science and ...

[org: 30/06/2024] [rev: 30/06/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

Long live the humanities. Well, words are also a good vehicle for logical reason.

Julian Assange ...

[org: 26/06/2024] [rev: 26/06/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

Nor forget. No forgiveness. #Expectus.

Books are never stolen, because...

[org: 20/06/2024] [rev: 20/06/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

People who do not read books, do not steal them. And the people who read books, do not steal them.

Less "States" ...

[org: 15/06/2024] [rev: 15/06/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

And more "United".

The sea begins ...

[org: 05/06/2024] [rev: 05/06/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

At home.

When you know, you can love ...

[org: 05/06/2024] [rev: 05/06/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

When one loves, retains.

We live in a system where ...

[org: 28/05/2024] [rev: 28/05/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

Rebuilding a country destroyed by war comes out more profitable than contradicting it from peace.

And then the AI ...

[org: 28/05/2024] [rev: 28/05/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

It looked for each registered intervention that had made certain characters and began retroactive judgments against people and lineages for evil crimes.

It seems that saving humanity ...

[org: 23/05/2024] [rev: 23/05/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

It does not come profitable.

Please stop offending with your words to ...

[org: 23/05/2024] [rev: 23/05/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

Terrorists and genocides.

The human being is ...

[org: 22/05/2024] [rev: 22/05/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

The way the universe has found to know itself, by identifying patterns.

They teach our children to recycle ...

[org: 19/05/2024] [rev: 19/05/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

Without really explaining where (and under what interests) ends what supposedly recycled.

The function of a state should be ...

[org: 19/05/2024] [rev: 19/05/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

Remove the fear of people. Do not cause it and perpetuate it.

The nature of the human being is ...

[org: 19/05/2024] [rev: 19/05/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

Altruistic. And altruism is canceled, through fear.

The vast majority of people do not act by selfishness ...

[org: 19/05/2024] [rev: 19/05/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

But out of fear. Fear of losing; employment, house, freedom, health, etc.

Liberals consider that the main virtue of the human being is ...

[org: 19/05/2024] [rev: 19/05/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

Selfishness. Being the sum of selfishness and through the invisible hand of the market, which will make everything well for humanity.

The greatest addiction produces it ...

[org: 15/05/2024] [rev: 15/05/2024] por psy [03c8.net]

the power.

Medieval mentalities ...

[org: 15/05/2024] [rev: 15/05/2024] por psy [03c8.net]

with state-of-the-art missiles.

If you trust their Social Networks ...

[org: 05/14/2024] [rev: 05/14/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

And you connect to their ISP. Legitimate your control.

The main causes of hatred are ...

[org: 05/14/2024] [rev: 05/14/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

Nationalism and religion. Or what is the same, ignorance and fear.

A libertarian is ...

[org: 05/14/2024] [rev: 05/14/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

The one who wants to do without the State, to give power to the people. A neoliberal is one who wants to do without the State, to give power to companies.

They call it Democracy ...

[org: 05/14/2024] [rev: 05/14/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

And it is not. Its real description is that of: "Representative Government" oppressive cleptocratic and tendency to perpetuity.

101 general survival tips for extreme risky situations...

[org: 10/05/2024] [rev: 10/05/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

  • Take control of the situation. The events happen and are immovable.
  • Distrust of any type of previously established authority.
  • Dominate fear and avoid panic. Use humor, charisma and discipline.
  • Pake pauses to assimilate the traumatic facts.
  • Ask all the questions possible and get the answers, one by one.
  • Never let yourself be seen, or your settlement.
  • Do not allow other groups to see women and girls in your group in case you have to make contact to make exchanges of some kind.
  • keep an adequate body weight.
  • Forget money and prioritize objects. The whole economy disappears.
  • Keep the documentation of your properties.
  • Never attract attention. Look at others and dress and act like them.
  • It only shows your weapons (resources, ammunition, combat skills) when you are attacked and surprisingly.
  • Your enemies and kind to the treatment of your friends.
  • Always keep a low profile and understand that the mafias will take advantage of the weakest.
  • Avoid open and visible spaces, even from heaven.
  • The enemies are in all places. Avoid thinking that other settlements will help you, unless it is strictly necessary.
  • You never look obliged, or force anyone, to do something you are not sure you can do correctly.
  • If you can choose a color for clothes, use gray.
  • Always move in small groups and during the night.
  • Avoid hurry.
  • Order priorities.
  • Do not part of what you think you know, you think it can work, you think you have read or that you think you knew before. Look only about what you really know and scientifically.
  • Do not do unnecessary physical exercises.
  • Avoid the inherited children's attitudes of comfort society, but it is understandable with the exceptional limitations of each person.
  • Be humble with your possibilities, always. Do not deceive your group about what you can or cannot do to avoid conflicts and disappointments. See little by little performing more complex and useful tasks, but starts for simple things. But you know what to do, keep the hygiene of other people and settlement.
  • Never lose education and moderation by communicating with other people.
  • Avoid verbal, physical and armed conflict.
  • If you join a group, check how your leader and the closest people around it. If your leadership is based on the use of force and/or hold privileges of some kind, you flee as soon as possible.
  • Do not load with what is expendable.
  • You take the actions that involve your group, with the full consensus, not mostly, not in a minority. If your group becomes toxic, flee.
  • In exchanges (or barter) there are only two options: steal or accumulate and exchange.
  • Evaluate with the injured people their possibilities of survival and allow them to expose their plans depending on.
  • Do not establish relationships in which there is no family or intuitive mutual trust.
  • Value each action depending on its benefits, its risks and its derived problems.
  • Always retain caloric energy and evaluate if you compensate for the effort prior to each act.
  • Remember where you are.
  • Do not enter into hostile places (caves, houses, etc) and pay attention to your most ancestral instinct.
  • Moral and conscientious values change in certain extreme situations. Assumes the need to perform extraordinary acts.
  • Study all the plants around you.
  • Always and daily watches, hygiene (even more than food). Wash and disinfect every day, your hands and teeth.
  • Get soap, bleach, cleaning products and disinfectants.
  • Improvise outside the comfort zone. You are prepared, as far as possible, always for the worst.
  • Avoid very busy cities and places.
  • Select a leader based on: its integrity, its general balance, its personal charism and its resolutive intelligence, not based on its emotional viscerality, its crazy ideas or its physical strength.
  • Always follow your conservation instinct. Do not lose the will.
  • Prioritize (in this order): personal security, heat, rest, hygiene, food and water.
  • Avoid boredom for the mind. Generates sociabilization games.
  • If you are in a group; Choose a leader, propose mediators and hold members responsible for specializations (food, health, hygiene and security).
  • The greater your group of people, the better. Sometimes, it is more important to move in search of trusted people, than of memories to survive in solitude.
  • Chronometra the routines and try to make them more and more efficient and in less time.
  • Keep motivations to live and generate objectives that you are realistic to meet daily to maintain morality.
  • Do not lose hope, nor the will to survive.
  • Dedicate some of your time every day to study your geographical scope and what surrounds you. Do not stop learning.
  • Look for radio emissions and try to connect to the Internet.
  • Never introduce people outside the same, even temporarily. Do not make hostages.
  • Avoid interpersonal relationships that can lead to internal conflicts and convince people to acade as logical resources and not as animals.
  • Avoid remaining in places with moisture or too exposed to radiation of all areas.
  • Get a magnesium lighter, barbecue pills (which are lit in the water or with wind) an ax/knife and a blanket.
  • Get or build a rope.
  • Squat and change location if your settlement is discovered, continuously.
  • Do not use vehicles when no one can do it.
  • Use a metal pan for cooking or transporting fluids and foods.
  • Make your deposits always (if possible) far from where you are. But it is possible, shred it without touching it directly, mix with sand and herbs and if you can, bury it a minimum of 3 meters.
  • Think of people as animals. Do not trust animals.
  • Don't eat what you don't know.
  • If a risk is avoided, fleeing.
  • Get wood every day.
  • Coffee and cigarettes are more important than salt.
  • Always keep pleasant smells near.
  • Do not go to a supermarket in search of resources. He addresses ports and places where food is really stored and distributed in modern societies and that also many less people can have in mind.
  • Get enough calories, carbohydrates and proteins, for every day.
  • If possible, always try to cook the food and boil the water.
  • You need to drink minimum 1.5 liters of mineral (or drinking) water, a day.
  • Try to get: energy bars, powdered milk, tuna and/or salmon canned in sunflower oil, canned beans, nuts that avoid constipation, salty cookies, canned vegetables, fruits in almibar and avéna.
  • It totally avoids the consumption of alcohol or substances that depress your normal abilities.
  • If you consider a safe place, avoid sleeping relaxed during the first night. Always distrust the first indications of tranquility and avoid lowering your guard.
  • Get and protect from moisture, any type of antibiotic.
  • Get food based on the risk and difficulty you want to assume (smaller to greater difficulty): vegetables and insects, fishing and minor hunting and finally, big game.
  • Dedicate 30 minutes to big game, 1 hour to minor hunting and 2 hours to the collection of vegetables and insects.
  • Use a tyrachinas and stones as ammunition.
  • Keep people who get in quarantine, in case you don't know the symptomatology they present. But you take care of your patients, morality will descend. If you give them a lot of priority, they can suppose a ballast. Evaluate their situation with them.
  • Electric batteries are very useful.
  • Take care of the light you emit during the night, depending on whether or not you want to be discovered by other animals and people.
  • If you know where to go, use a compass and/or learn to find the north/south in nature (moss, stars, etc.).
  • Trust the senses of domesticated animals around you, except when they panic.
  • Protect your body with: masks, glasses, gloves and boots that avoid moisture or that make it difficult to tread something that can harm you.
  • Tribute to your dead if it is morally necessary and do not spend energy on unnecessary rituals.
  • Never look at your group as weak people to feed, but as potential assets that can help you based on the roles they have adopted: either maintain hygiene, or cook and collect resources, or use systems for systems for defend you. Weak people will be the first to die.
  • The greater your group, the better.
  • Do not fall into dogmas, sects, mafias or corrupt social systems. It is better to try to survive in solitude, to survive undergoing and with a constant mentality of the need to rebel that can cause serious problems or even death.
  • Always protect your food and resources warehouse. Make surveillance shifts.
  • The first assaults always occur in housing/settlements with more visible alarms, bars, security doors and safe appearance.
  • Block all accesses to your settlement during rest hours. Make surveillance shifts.
  • If you show self -sufficiency, you put a uniform or teach that things are going well for you, and you do not have a powerful and aggressive defensive system in sight, you will be white of all assaults.
  • The thugs will always seek places with less danger and greater benefit to assault.
  • If they assault you and the situation is not avoidable, make the assailants as possible to prevent it from being repeated.
  • Politicians always survive. The soldiers does not have because.
  • Avoid conversations/situations that may generate conflict. It is better to talk about time. Respect silence.
  • If there are children in your group, try to continue their education doing physical/disciplinary classes and exercises, daily.
  • If you consider suicide, do not affect the morality of your group. Go from the settlement you belong to, as far as possible. It is preferable that they think you are abandoned to look for your life in another way than to see you claudicate. And if you can do it, explain your decision consciously, encourage your group in your future and ask them to leave you behind.
  • Imagine an ideal future every day that solves the current situation and walks there. Imagination is the only thing that will make you human in situations like that. Train it, feed and share it with those around you will allow you to keep hope, and therefore, it will make you and your group, much more resilient.

35% of the population does not even have ...

[org: 06/05/2024] [rev: 06/05/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

a friend. Capitalism isolates you.

You can duty ...

[org: 06/05/2024] [rev: 06/05/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

100M to another country, 10M to your government, 1M to a bank ... but you can't give 1,000 to a friend or familiar. Capitalism normalizes the oppressive debt and punishes liberating solidarity.

If the centralized Internet ...

[org: 06/05/2024] [rev: 06/05/2024] por by [03c8.net]

and the Power Grid fails, decentralized networks enhanced with solar energy, are the only solution against isolation. #SNH #SolarNetHub.

Share house, car, workplace ...

[org: 18/04/2024] [rev: 18/04/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

is okay because... it saves!. Share software, games, movies is wrong because...

Concept: Plug & ...

[org: 08/04/2024] [rev: 08/04/2024] by psy [03c8.net]


Politicians be perpetuated ...

[org: 25/03/2024] [rev: 25/03/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

Generating papers, laws and bureaucracy. And the judges parasite said perpetuation, in exchange for protecting them through the organization of the use of violence and repression.

It is curious that ...

[org: 25/03/2024] [rev: 25/03/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

Government elites want to regulate artificial intelligence (AI) so that it does not reach people without filters and that it is distributed in the form of baby porridge merely focused on consumerism and increased productivity by replacing labor, labor, But they do not want to regulate, for example, the mixed reality glasses, precisely, so that they arrive in mass, as did the mobile phones. It is as if a few knew that the reality that is approaching is so decadent and terrible, that instead of providing people with useful tools to find out what is happening and be able to solve the problems, even individually and in the day day, however, if they will allow to distribute tools to modify reality, so that it cannot be seen as it elapses, generating more mediocre mass around them, how they do current commercial social networks, but this time, of A more immersive way. We talk about a tool that will generate layers and filters overlapping, a hyper-realistic binding perception, which will avoid showing the crudeness of everyday life, allowing to erase poverty, misery and even others, and that will continue to generate A greater number of addictive stupidities directly injected over the mind, with the aim of narcotizing the individual further and ending it completely decoupling it from the sensation of mass, from the drift of the planet itself or of their own hope of individual or collective emancipation.

Our world has been kidnapped ...

[org: 25/03/2024] [rev: 25/03/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

The total public debt, of all the nations-state of the world, is 3 times the annual production, of all the nations-states of the world. We live in an economic system that decades ago ceased to be sustainable, to become a perpetual and irrevocable debt system. An oppressive social system of a gangster character based on duty always to someone with the power to exercise violence.

The person who has nothing ...

[org: 24/03/2024] [rev: 24/03/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

It is excluded. The person who has little, is controlled. And the person who has a lot, writes the rules.

The average citizen knows ...

[org: 15/03/2024] [rev: 15/03/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

That is going to be an idiot, in addition to poor, all his life. And what he wants is that everyone is. It has no motivation because they improve their conditions and much less, those of others. What he has is disgust to the "left." They viscerally hate "left" leaders, which are basically the demons of their fantasy. They do not know how to explain very well why, because hate is visceral and not rational. And that is what extends the "right" and on what their political campaigns base. And that's why they end up governing in many nations-states. The leaders of the "right" fall well, simply, because they insult the leaders of the "left" and therefore represent, even in a cynical and corruption -based manner, all that accumulated hatred of those who vote for them. The average citizen focuses his anger badly, because those who are in power dominate hate discourse to save their privileges and keep the status-quo from oppression.

Ordinary people doing ...

[org: 15/03/2024] [rev: 15/03/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

Extraordinary things, to remain ordinary people.

When falling, getting up again ...

[org: 15/03/2024] [rev: 15/03/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

It is not good advice. The ideal is to be able to choose where to fall, because the path of life is always inclined and the fall, inevitable.

Everything important is ...

[org: 13/03/2024] [rev: 13/03/2024] by psy [03c8.net]


The true revolution is ...

[org: 06/03/2024] [rev: 13/03/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

To pay attention.

No expensive buildings, for cheap lives ...

[org: 23/02/2024] [rev: 23/02/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

No cheap buildings, for expensive lives. Safe buildings, for safe lives.

Concept: War Crime ...

[org: 23/02/2024] [rev: 23/02/2024] by psy [03c8.net]


The basis of thought are ...

[org: 20/02/2024] [rev: 20/02/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

Identity and difference.

The definition of intelligence is ...

[org: 20/02/2024] [rev: 20/02/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

The conscious ability to abstract and solve problems.

There is no direct relationship between levels of knowledge and happiness ...

[org: 20/02/2024] [rev: 20/02/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

But there is a direct relationship between happiness and the fact, not only to discover knowledge, but also to share it so that it transcends.

Above force, intelligence ...

[org: 20/02/2024] [rev: 20/02/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

Above intelligence, curiosity.

The only attribute that differentiates humans from other animals is ...

[org: 20/02/2024] [rev: 20/02/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

The constant search for answers.

When there is no one defined port ...

[org: 18/02/2024] [rev: 18/02/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

All winds are favorable.

The "era of disinformation" ends ...

[org: 16/02/2024] [rev: 20/02/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

And the "era of distrust" begins.

Concept: Techno ...

[org: 12/02/2024] [rev: 12/02/2024] by psy [03c8.net]


How much is traded today in the stock market ...

[org: 05/02/2024] [rev: 05/02/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

The minute of hate and indifference?.

Cities are like theater decorations ...

[org: 05/02/2024] [rev: 05/02/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

And the people who inhabit them, their puppets.

Do you use everything you have well? ...

[org: 22/01/2024] [rev: 22/01/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

Do you have everything you use right?.

Users of everything. ...

[org: 22/01/2024] [rev: 22/01/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

Owners of nothing.

There is no proletarian debate ...

[org: 22/01/2024] [rev: 22/01/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

In the social networks of capital.

4 phases of politics by/for idiots:

[org: 09/01/2024] [rev: 09/01/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

  1. What says it hasn't happened
  2. Something has happened, but it isn't how you say, nor do anything need to do
  3. It is too late to do something, the fault is from the opposition
  4. Vote me, so that it does not happen again

The people of the current Internet ...

[org: 08/01/2024] [rev: 09/01/2024] by psy [03c8.net]

It no longer opens a browser and writes a URL but opens Instagram, X or Tiktok (or any garbage created by companies to obtain attention and benefits) and consumes with "swaps" much simpler things, soft vomiting, baby porridge.

The main enemy of the system is ...

[org: 06/09/2023] [rev: 06/09/2023] by psy [03c8.net]

The Solidarity. Because an authentically supportive society would never accept poverty, exclusion, injustice and inequality.

Information is memory ...

[org: 03/09/2023] [rev: 03/09/2023] by psy [03c8.net]

There is no information without something that saves it. And what is stored is always past. Therefore, there is no information, but there is passed.

The mind is accumulation ...

[org: 03/09/2023] [rev: 03/09/2023] by psy [03c8.net]

And the body, a container. A person is an accumulated profile of the past, on a present container.

Brothers and sisters ...

[org: 23/05/2023] [rev: 23/05/2023] by psy [03c8.net]

Keep dreaming!

We are all born ...

[org: 08/04/2023] [rev: 08/04/2023] by psy [03c8.net]

Knowing how to love, but we forget it. We are all born without knowing how to hate, but we learn it.

Current algorithms harm ...

[org: 07/04/2023] [rev: 07/04/2023] by psy [03c8.net]

To the poor people.

Concept: GEO ...

[org: 28/03/2023] [rev: 28/03/2023] by psy [03c8.net]


Hackivists kidnap profiles in commercial social networks ...

[org: 22/02/2023] [rev: 22/02/2023] by psy [03c8.net]

To try to cure the addiction of their victims, forcing them to the temporal disconnection of their main avatar online, although this may be a real shock for those who have suffered it. A type of direct action directed towards the lives of those people who as soon as they wake up in bed, look at the mobile. And in a collateral way, also aimed at the lives of those who follow and feed their digital profiles, perhaps, without even asking themselves because they do it. Let's stop once transforming stupid people, famous. It is more than evident in the society in which we travel, that those who influence more in commercial social networks (and in many other aspects of our society), are precisely the ones who generate the most benefits to companies in terms of advertising, and that also without provide any complaint towards model and the injustices derived from it, they declare themselves openly submissive to it, even acting antinaturally as collaborationists of said regime, in exchange for increasing to some extent their own ego and perhaps, if there is luck and it is possible to win the career of the disappointments of fame, having to use mandatory and unscrupulously, all the tools that allow to eliminate on the way effectively and despite leaving a trace of "broken toy", to the competition, they could arrive to also expand your pocket. As is equally evident that the protagonists of the stories and current trends, not precisely who know the machinery for which they are working, getting to adopt a dualistic role of victims and executioners, and using the first to take refuge before their own immorality and the second against those who have not reached their social status. Those who arrive is for something, fundamentally, for how they are out of commercial social networks and what activist role they play. A fundamental fact that is even more evident than the previous ones, is that the current result is not orchestra in a machiavelically programmed way. Reaching the point of designing applications that execute and position their basic controls, based on the study of antietic techniques and cohercitive or persuasion, with the aim of generating severe addictions to as many population as possible and without distinction and not for avoid them as it should be in a democratic and healthy society. In fact, we have seemed a price for which they would surely be willing to pay, at least if they knew the benefits of achieving it and always taking into account the concrete life that the subject has, their capabilities in various fields, the number of opportunities that are they have presented him to date and other factors of chance, in others, in order to obtain the definitive benefits that suppose to know whether or not there is the possibility that the specific individual can implement such wisdom correctly in the course of their own ongoing reality, being what was achieved by their own means and even with a style and identity, own. After a long private ethical reflection, even justifying at some times the idea of a "greater cause", the accounts in commercial social networks will be returned in full, that yes, after confirming the positive result in the transition evaluation process aware that is described in the rescue we have imposed. And of course, the doubt should even fit but it is okay to say it, no important damage will be caused on them, except that inherent in the fact of having remained for a while without activity. Maybe for the first time in its existence. The goal is therefore, open a window of opportunity in the user's life, first conquering your attention, in order to evaluate your status and try to heal it, re-educate it and release it, positioning it from outside the repetitive addiction, perhaps again, even for the first time in your life. An external aid to definitively eliminate your life model, an irrational obsession that tends to extract your time/energy/vital effort, for the need to always keep it functional, attractive, interesting and whose condemnation lies in having to do it during everything the course of time, without even a decent retirement, and based on pursuing empty promises, getting to work for free, and sometimes even paying, for intershes that go beyond their understanding, and with the promise of being able to obtain Thus a truly unique and special profile on the Internet, that, making sure that it is always easily recognizable and localizable in the world outside it, by the states. The states as large companies. Large companies such as states... depending on a large infrastructure, which houses people's lives but that can disappear, due to external causes, a drop in the stock market, an exit from another technology that overcomes it, etc and in whose Ecosystem begins to raise the life of a user and remains, since it is born, but it is not specified until when all the memory it has generated during its digital life, it will be stored over time. The commitment of the principle is diluted towards the end. Entering and starting a profile is always simpler than going out and manipulating it with a different intention for what was created. A business that does not support not having data, having incomplete data and false data. They collect everything about yourself since you are born, and extend the external senses, outside their domain, with for example the ability to record more and better with mobile device, also getting easier to raise every more content. The user is recorded since they were born by their parents and their photos are uploaded to the networks they use, without their consent and thinking egoistly only how they must create their own digital individual life, even if it harms those who come behind of their own sewing ties and share code sequences in the DNA. There is an amount of storage time and a layer of relational capacities of the information that is still in the process of being discovered and that goes beyond a model for information whose premise is that a few companies have the greatest possible benefit, in base to poison users, and also do it among different generations. A first pioneer generation, which was born in another previous technology, but decided to move to the point that it uses it enough, so that its next generation is already born knowing how to use it even in other ways, since its own hormones even force it to be different from their parents. Companies take advantage of the human condition and exploit it. It is a bet that the user is born and is already on the Internet, with the Internet that was before the user arrived, where he can create his first responsible digital profile. The one who truly collects his way of being. It happens that said user has a part that does not control, that they control others and that represent it in their relationship ring, but also in their digital future, and in both without the ability to modify it, at least, until it is conscious and then surely A process of initiation and deployment will begin, for example, starting by undoing the image created by the previous ones, and discovering whether or not you can obtain the data from a profile. That is, the user begins his experience, discovering the lie. And that also the image of the profile created by the parents, is rough and tremendously generic, and the worst of all, reflects a severe mental immaturity. All that trauma for an unfair cause, the individual's need to be identified uniquely. A digital identity that fights to achieve a more interesting digital life for the criteria of those who benefit and more dedicated to portraying moments, store them and thus take advantage of to use in another way the brain adapted to the prevailing information flows, which allow it, Among other things, knowing how to find among enormous amounts of information and select among more variety what in theory wants for itself. A type of user who adapts to an internet full of things, different from how it began, but that does not know how that environment has been created by age and bases its survival on, first, its ability to understand that it is a place that can see everything in the world, the global village or the great theater. Where someone who likes to dance, can see how the best dances and imitate and/or try to overcome or create something new, etc. Identify, copy and then introduce something that makes it interesting. More interesting, whatever and in whatever, more people see it, more chance has to grow its profile, that although it can be in different social networks, it is still an individual in a physical world, who operates it. In other words, you can have your same name on different social networks, different environments, more work, leisure, couple meeting, so that you have a single profile that is demonstrated in each of the environments, and offers a face of himself. A unique identity that knows that it is not convenient to mix issues and information and that everything is done and published in a given place and not in another. You buy there, we talk about politics there, to work there, and thus cuping the ideas of companies that offer different ways of telling the same; Who is and how acts, that individual. That keeps it entertaining. There are very good people in social networks of only text, there are those who do not know how to write or do not want and make videos, under the principle of the image and the word about the written and adapting to the user who is born with this type of digital life, It is already created, reduce their ability to read long or transverse texts and base their searches on the synthesis, sometimes supported by small rapid texts for consume, which allow them to see a little and continue for the following thing. Internet is no longer visited, the Internet is consumed. The meme, social networks based on the image of a photo, etc. Having an image -based profile is something that the rest of the users know that it is complicated, adapt, not to be ephemeral. However, they do not realize that perhaps they are immersed in another type of digital livelihood that feeds the farm of companies, which after all, feeds that users spend more time creating their general profile and charge for the advertising they put during that time. The user accepts without problem, since although subtle advertising and other types of mass and individual control systems based on knowing all his life, the life of his relationships and metadata about his physical world, from where he connects, when connecting, to which it connects, how long, this individual enters symbiosis with the company. These companies are bought between them, trying to find the market niches and take advantage of data mining to date, in that attempt to accumulate profiles of a single subject, despite having different profiles and on different platforms. In the end, extraction and intellations, through Big-Data, allows to accumulate sufficient information to move on predictive behavior analysis. In other words, from a certain level of profiled information, it is no longer the user who delivers the data that he selects on himself, to feed his profile/public identity, but he can begin to manipulate trends and behaviors of individuals, going to be a taxpayer throughout the equation and acting only and exclusively, to fulfill interests (economic, political, social, perpetuation, etc.) of the company. A company that allows a digital identity to flourish with ease and that unites it among other applications under its control, although with different names, even legal and commercial brand, and that whose final data ends by different roads, in the same system of servers of servers of storage. And that he does it using the ego as an addictive source of beginning, and then convert the object of anell that drives it, towards vanity, hedonism, narcissism, various types of psychopathies and the constant exaggeration of a certain exclusive features that the individual try to reflect, among other things, to cause being visited by more individuals and that their profile grows, with the illusion that it finally ends up translating into a non -digital way of life, with insured money or other means of power and outside others more conventional and therefore old or even fashionable exploitation circuits. There is no class struggle, because the user works for the company with his life. It is part of it and allows it to exist. And, although it seems that this is the trend of the winning strategy, it is true that it can make the life of the digital user of a single profile more comfortable, be more famous and have more interactions, the end of both strategies is the same, as soon as the legacy refers. The profiles of someone known and someone not so well known, although they differentiate in the metaenlaces and provide different degrees of control over other individuals and group tendencies, therefore generating more or less advertising and more or less benefits, after all, both are the same and treated equally, when they reach the final memory that keeps them accessible. Both manage to create their digital life on a company servers. The Internet idea is to last over time. Its architecture makes it resilient in terms of distributed capacity, but its connectivity faces the global need to memorize everything. Internet is memory. The same Internet of the 90s is out there, but now it is not used. The issue transcends the physical need, of a material that allows to save the data whose tendency is towards infinite growth, with the promise of being able to fulfill that need at all times. The years go by, what's more on the Internet, more memories are needed so that everything can enter and last. Memories that are based on elements of the periodic table, which require increasingly large infrastructure, etc. A user uses a platform of a company that offers a service and even supplies a need, apparently free, and that makes the company that does something similar can never even offer as an alternative, for that user, since from pragmatism, it cannot Compete with certain oligopolies of the information already established, and because it cannot pay a farm of servers that allows you to update that model that needs so much to accumulate. That is why technological ones with the strategy of controlling information and management or search or digital legacies of people, will always tend to become a monopoly, with a very prevailing capitalist character, although they may contain other more objectives. An evolved corporation that finally must have everything. And that in addition to having everything, you will know everything and above all. That would be the most optimal option, because all the data of all the users who feed it would be in a single place. If that corporation invents new ways to maintain the attention of its users, for example, offering a virtual experience on other planets and galaxies and at the same time, launches rockets and cameras in the non-virtual world, in addition to promoting the space race in search of search of materials, you can create unique experiences based on what you discover outside. Uniting your needs and plans, inside and off the Internet. And knowing and always having clear and since its inception, even in the new implementations, that their survival depends on keeping its users constantly, and that they are also entertaining and consuming. The multiplatform identity-ego with its starting phase, a maturity phase and a phase of legacy and maintenance is part of a technological expansion model that delegates much of the destiny of humanity, in machines and algorithms, so that only A few understand them and make them work, while the vast major It is based and that somehow makes it work. His treatment is to be bleeding in all aspects of his life, in terms of operable, interchangeable and cross data in the future, he refers, in change simply, to ignore. And his carrot is to make him believe that his profile, his life that makes him unique, is always seen by all and in time and will last forever, even if several generations die after that profile. Before the emperors created a statue or some type of grave or monument so that their names and stories will endure and now they do it the same, although digitally. The monument is created by every little emperor of something and sculpts him all his life, under the reasoning that whom he knows is himself, although that ceases to happen when the company reaches a threshold where he knows the user better, of what that the user himself knows himself. The user delivers the information of his life to whom he takes advantage of it, because it suits him in a certain way. Feeding the profile and its image, carries a lot Know how to do with less problems when you do. There will be those who do not care that their profiles are deleted when they die. Even that according to the drift that the Internet has taken, it decides that it is a right (for oblivion) that is done, becoming no longer feeding the model once it has gone. And his digital passage online, face those who come something later, will be merely ephemeral. There will be those who will seek that their being and their profile, or be remembered by other things or, to last through other media, under the premise that the Internet can become a rosette stone created in silicon and carbon, for another humanity. Or for other civilizations. Internet keeps the memories of the people who use it and a global memory of its set and in time. The user feeds companies that do not share what he does out of them, so that users or are within their surroundings or cannot be seen, or see other users, so that it is essential to do a recruitment work For the company, sacrificing their own feelings and ideals, with the sole objective of telling the people who know, family, friends, etc., even if they are outside all environments, to connect to one or another platform in order to feed the feeling of a group to exploit. A user persuades and chant others, managed as a puppet by the company, so that they remain where he apparently considers and encourages them to change to other places, if he does not get it there, but in these other places. The company to loyalty to these users, in return, must strive in mind the illusion and apparently and in a very personalized way, feed the sensation of constant or future triumph of the user. That is the only way the service extraction, allows a user to communicate with the outside. Which generates certain technological trends, with seemingly differentiating elements that influence in one way or another those ideas and experiences that the user may have. And becomes the main obligation of companies to reinvent all the time. The social network that triumphed in the 90s is not the same as that of now, or by age, by types of profile, etc. and also, in the future it can be another. Sometimes it is about opening new communications channels and there are those who use them from the beginning of their deployment, somehow, they bet on them, but they risk that the critical mass of the environment does not use them and finally fail and become echo-chambers. The companies there play an investment. Mass of users, on the other hand, the more data, the more complicated it has to be able to change. Also because the company does not facilitate that they can take its digital life outside the company that feed, effortless not direct, so that they do not leave, or forget everything they have been collecting and storing together, of their profile. The blackmail of leaving is charged with the digital life generated to date in the form of a legacy, which no longer belongs to its author, but to those who manage it. You can take your identity in the world of outside, or the one generated in your profile fed and wait again, that those who follow you on the other side, also follow you here... On the other hand there may be a strategy that does not focus your idea of digital life towards feeding a profile, which also coincides in a certain way with a pattern, where behind there is a being of flesh and bone in real life, without avoiding leaving in some way, small amounts of identifying data, which reach places where they last, for example, for not being so common or for having been deposited in legacy whose duration does not depend on the existence of a supplier or a company. Less message about being, synthesis that relates a digital life, without having to repeat thousands of photos or things from the rest when you do not have something of your own to show, but that is expressed in a way to suffer it, so that it can be saved from other more effective forms and even, without the dependence that the other electricity model has that feeds the memoirs. A summary life that can be printed in other materials, for example in lithium, due to its physical characteristics, or other components of geology, and that can be seen from other sensors, such as lenses, radiofrequences, gravitational waves, etc. The information lies in the subject and the subject behaves in one way or another in the universe. If the seed is the container that contains the information that makes a plant and said packaging grow, it can even travel through the space containing life, until it finds the right place to unleash a series of initiation and display mechanisms of a new living being, Try to create more seeds to copy again. The subject from being the container that contains the information that makes who discover it can feed on it and that whose data has already been created by developed beings and therefore, instead of following a linear cycle with a preprogramming, such as the one that allows to the animals walk, or fly. or chew or breathe and that they know and learn by order of priority based on the function of their organs and copy of successful individuals and proof and error, the cycle is initiated and expanding part of having all the information of all the experiences of similar similar beings . The evolution strategy within a family of species does not take Horse that as soon as he is born knows that he must get up and walk. Or a human being, which is born unlike a horse, and in that gestation in two phases, in the external, its brain is very plastic so that the learning programming, in addition to the one it already brings like other beings, everything they based that other smaller entities have been grouped and have other interests. Plasticity that culminates with being the only strategy that allows those who carry it out, to consider the generally evolutionary competition system and symbiotic collaborations. An organ that questions itself and considers itself to reality. The human being then understands that unlike the rest of the species, of flora and fauna, it does not have to follow the constant evolutionary rules of food, rest, repair, reproduction, etc. An insect has a type of existence based on insecting. A bird has an existence in which it makes a bird. A dog generates an existence in which he acts as a dog. Animals play their role and compete and adapt, constantly and without the need to reflect because they do what they do. They do not give importance to the idea of reproducing, they simply reproduce. There is no conscious legacy. They always expare their winning code so that the strategy they use, continues to last. The human being, understanding something so fundamental, abandons the constant survival effort based on trophic chains and other forms of organization and begins to explore other models of evolution. Doing so allows the rest of fauna and flora to dominate, in certain aspects. Ants are different, but they all act equally. It is not born one that thinks in one way and another that thinks of another and that, although both are workers and have the same functional code scheduled, due to their idea of existence, they do one thing or another. Ants all act equal and derive their evolutionary behavior in a hive mind. A leader, a queen or ultimately, a company, which centralizes decisions about the need for perpetuation. Ants do very well ants, but very bad humans. Humans can make humans or ants. The idea of being able to modify and choose certain qualities of the survival strategy of other species, allow them posibilities that gives your limited biological body. A human can get the power to see a lot, as he has an auila, through technology. His eye is not prepared in his initial code, as any rapaz has to see his prey at great distances, but he can imitate and supplant that capacity through technology. A telescope, for example, is the way the human being has to gestate something that adds to his evolutionary strategy and finish it grow once by his side. The same thing he does with his young, he does it with his senses and his source is the basis that generates everything he feels and sees around him in the form of selective biomimesis. Commercial social networks are nothing more than a technological reflection of all that. Being aware of the selective evolution process allows the human being, to look for a way to adapt based on keeping what he can and considers is the best of other species and trying to avoid the worst of his family, that of mammals who bet little For a rough body, contrary to such as insects. A bad condition kills a human being. Cold, heat, lack of food, not being able to sleep, etc. The whole bet is based on the ability to choose, all the advantage and all the disadvantage are based on the fact that their body is not as resistant to the evolutionary way as the rest of living beings are. All the hope of survival falls that technology can try to overcome those challenges, again and again. The human being needs to improvise another's skin so as not to die of cold. Skin that an animal already carries out of standard and therefore should not worry about obtaining. And that is precisely, in that constant concern and where only a few can provide solutions and really understand the problems, where the key to the future of humanity is. It is there that keeping the vast majority of the population entertaining and consuming, ceases to be a capitalist business and becomes a crime of extreme gravity...

It's almost more important than finding out the truth ...

[org: 18/12/2022] [rev: 18/12/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

Knowing what to do with the truth, when it is discovered.

In the near future ...

[org: 05/12/2022] [rev: 05/12/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

Internet will be used only by machines. All content will be artificial and generated by IA's. It will be then that the human being has definitely lost the possibilities offered by the tool for his own liberation, for his own free expression and to form a mature Humanity, which tries to address for himself the problems and challenges of his own existence. At that precise moment, Humanity will therefore begin to be a slave to the knowledge generated by third parties and beyond its understanding. A new faith will be born. And society as we know it, in its hierarchical, cultural, social, work, economic and political fields, will change. Self -sufficiency will finally be a utopia and even, it may be like a symbol of primitivism. The dependency, on the other hand, will be the day to day of each individual and each society.

For the next generation ...

[org: 09/09/2022] [rev: 09/09/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

Surely it's worth continuing to fight?

Capitalism is not based on the "love of money" but ...

[org: 02/09/2022] [rev: 02/09/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

In "fear of money." That is why debt is one of its great strengths.

Social Economy Model for the repair of ecosystems and their inhabitants ...

[org: 09/08/2022] [rev: 09/08/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

  • 1. Economic activities will be exclusively for the benefit of society and the natural environment. Usura and individual benefit are abolished. The individual benefit is assumed in what benefits the community.
  • 2. All human activity will be carried out to the extent that it affects life and ecosystems. Nothing can be done or put into practice if the damage involved in the environment is greater than the social benefit that is sought.
  • 3. Peoples will always be free to maintain their culture and self -determination and federate freely to collaborate and give mutual support. Functional communities will be sized at a human scale, which could be equivalent to a day walking.
  • 4. The necessary and essential work will be distributed by eliminating the superfluous, both in what was produced and in the consumed, gaining quality of life and leisure time to cultivate thinking, arts or conversation. Or for what one wants.
  • 5. The Surplus generated by the productive model will be used to support the people who need it most and to reward the projects that contribute the most to social and environmental improvement.

Justice is blind ...

[org: 02/08/2022] [rev: 02/08/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

Until the eye bandage is removed to count money.

Realpolitik = ...

[org: 28/07/2022] [rev: 28/07/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

Burocracy (Newspeak) + Overton Window + Shock Doctrine

The -era of Capitalism- has come to an end ...

[org: 21/07/2022] [rev: 21/07/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

The -era of Repairment- arrives.

The first year, we organize ...

[org: 21/07/2022] [rev: 21/07/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

The second year, we rise up. And the third year, we finish organizing.

If a forest is burned, for its poor political management ...

[org: 21/07/2022] [rev: 21/07/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

A mansion will be burned, due to its poor political management.

Do you notice the boiling pot? ...

[org: 21/07/2022] [rev: 21/07/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

Do you feel like heat, your body, your mind and your environment?. It is wild capitalism, incinerating itself with you inside.

Wild Capitalism vs ...

[org: 21/07/2022] [rev: 21/07/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

Natural life.

Don't let them take responsibility for you ...

[org: 21/07/2022] [rev: 21/07/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

Of capitalist madness. Do not accept the nihilism of governments and their propaganda. The global crisis does not blame yours. Do not accept that they prepare you for scarcity. There are plenty of resources. The problem is them, their vices, their exaggerations and their ways of life. 1% must change or be eliminated. The countdown has begun. And they win.

It seems to be, that politicians do not understand the problem, for the good ...

[org: 21/07/2022] [rev: 21/07/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

Can you think of another way, can you understand?. #Expectus ;-)

We are going to decrease ...

[org: 21/07/2022] [rev: 21/07/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

The question is how we are going to do it, for good or bad.

A rich does not go to jail ...

[org: 13/07/2022] [rev: 13/07/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

Unless other rich wants.

If your government is corrupt ...

[org: 02/07/2022] [rev: 02/07/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

Stop paying the electric company.

Your possible repressive action will only complicate my ideas and my plans ...

[org: 02/07/2022] [rev: 02/07/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

But these will not move a single span. Inside and outside its system, it is not its rules that determine the reality we live. As they are not my actions in their eyes that determine this reality. And much less in its collective form and loaded with religious and moral fears. Only I know what I live. You are not me. Nor will they approach nothing more than adjectives of psychoanalysis, which empty in their background will shape their judgments. You are puppets in the eyes of my being. And their threads are fragile, no matter how much they want to hide them under their togas, their weapons, their prisons of the mind and the bodies. And I see those threads that hold them, every time they vibrate to vomit for their mouths some new fear, law or crime, with which the one to try to submit, without having at least the dignity of looking into my eyes under the eyes of the gaze of the "Divine Justice", even the day of my own "Holy" sentence. It is not you who determine the finals. And I am not you, even if you consider me a product created under your control.

First, they went for the "Ne" ...

[org: 24/06/2022] [rev: 24/06/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

And nobody did anything. Then they went for the "Ar" and again, nobody did anything. Thus they followed, one by one, with the entire "Periodic Table." Finally they came for the "H20" and nobody left to defend it.

When a "free world" leader ...

[org: 24/06/2022] [rev: 24/06/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

Have to move by this "free world" with excessive security; or the world is not so free, or the leader is not so leading.

What matters is ...

[org: 13/06/2022] [rev: 13/06/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

What we do now. Not the promises of what we will do tomorrow.

In the times that run ...

[org: 13/06/2022] [rev: 13/06/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

It is more difficult to look the other way, than to be aware of the Truth.

The policy of apologies ...

[org: 13/06/2022] [rev: 13/06/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

It is an heiress form of christianity based on; impose something to others and then ask for forgiveness.

If one thing has in common all governments is that ...

[org: 19/05/2022] [rev: 19/05/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

The most reliable data are taxes.

They call it "free market economy" ...

[org: 03/05/2022] [rev: 05/05/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

When they actually refer to a Plutonomy.

They do not see misery because ...

[org: 03/05/2022] [rev: 03/05/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

They carry it inside.

It will be necessary to judge them for ...

[org: 03/05/2022] [rev: 03/05/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

Climate terrorism.

The best way to predict the future is ...

[org: 03/05/2022] [rev: 03/05/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

Invent it.

When justice fails ...

[org: 03/05/2022] [rev: 03/05/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

Fate remains. When fate fails, justice remains.

They already have information about you ...

[org: 29/04/2022] [rev: 29/04/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

The question is, to know when they will use it against you.

When you fear those around you ...

[org: 28/04/2022] [rev: 28/04/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

You forget those who are above you.

Transcription of graffiti appeared on the walls of Paris, during May 1968 (Part: III) ...

[org: 25/04/2022] [rev: 25/04/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

  • Run, comrade, the old world is behind you.
  • Live against survive.
  • Try to accumulate rage.
  • There are no revolutionary thoughts, there are only revolutionary acts.
  • Forget everything you have learned and begin to dream.
  • The enemy of any movement is skepticism.
  • I say no to the revolutions with a tie.
  • When the parliaments become bourgeois theaters. The bourgeois theaters must become parliaments.
  • Permanent questioning.
  • Civic rhyme with fascism.
  • There is no freedom for the enemies of freedom.
  • We have a prehistoric left.
  • The new society must be founded in the absence of all selfishness, of all Egolatry. Our path can only be done from the fraternity.
  • It is not the human being, it is society that has become abnormal.
  • Building a revolution also means destroying all intermediary chains. Live direct democracy.
  • Do not call it Revolution, Majesty, we're just mutating.
  • Patriotism is a mass egoism.
  • The spirit walks more than the heart but it does not go so far away.
  • The revolution will be better in the hands of all, which only in the hands of political parties.
  • They do not be incarnated both against buildings, our goal is institutions.
  • If what you see is not strange, your vision is false.
  • Society is a carnivorous flower.
  • The "Nothing matters to me" is the system.
  • The jungle precedes the human being. The desert follows it.
  • The act institutes consciousness.
  • Employment three weeks to announce in five minutes that I was going to undertake in a month what I can not do in ten years.
  • A thought that stagnates is a thought that rotes.
  • The economy is wounded. That burst!.
  • Permanent agitation.
  • Be realistic: ask for the impossible.

Transcription of graffiti appeared on the walls of Paris, during May 1968 (Part: II) ...

[org: 25/04/2022] [rev: 25/04/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

  • The passion of destruction is one of the joys of creation.
  • Freedom is the awareness of the need.
  • Do not release me. I was enough for that.
  • Live the school of the street.
  • A police sleep in each one of us and it is necessary to kill him.
  • When I hear the word "culture", vomit.
  • Life is beyond.
  • Who talks about love, kills love.
  • The revolution is an initiative.
  • If you think about the others, others will think about you.
  • Power had universities and students took them. Power had factories and workers took them. Power has power, it is time to take it.
  • Fascists that you enter with civil clothing in universities, beware of the step when leaving.
  • My desires are reality.
  • It is necessary to carry in itself a chaos to put a dancing star in the world.
  • Each one of us is the state.
  • Borders = Repression.
  • The most beautiful sculpture is the granite cobblestone that impacts a police van.
  • The revolution must stop being to exist.
  • Embrace your love without leaving your weapons.
  • Live the present.
  • And yet everyone wants to breathe and nobody can breathe: and much they say "we will breathe later." And most of it does not die, because they are already dead.
  • Let's take the revolution seriously, but we do not take ourselves seriously.
  • The freedom of others prolongs mine to infinity.
  • Creativity. Spontaneity. Lifetime.
  • Imagination to power.
  • In the exams, it answers with questions.
  • No one can go back quietly, once he/she has opened his/her eyes.
  • Obedience begins by consciousness and consciousness for disobedience.
  • The action allows you to overcome the divisions and find solutions. The action is located on the street.
  • In order to discuss the society in which you live is necessary before being able to discuss itself.

Transcription of graffiti appeared on the walls of Paris, during May 1968 (Part: I) ...

[org: 25/04/2022] [rev: 25/04/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

  • The dream is reality.
  • Think together, no. Push together, yes.
  • The walls have ears and your ears have walls.
  • The barricade closes the streets but opens the roads.
  • Our hope can only come from those without hope.
  • The right to live is not begging, it is taken.
  • Freedom is not a good that we possess. It is a good that, thanks to laws, regulations, prejudices and ignorance, we have seen ourselves stripped.
  • All reformism is characterized by the utopism of its strategy and the opportunism of its tactics.
  • Those who are afraid will be with us if we remain firm.
  • We decreed from now, the state of permanent happiness.
  • Being free means participating.
  • Funny gentlemen of politics: hidden behind your glazed looks A world in a way of destruction, scream, scream: You will never know enough that you have been castrated.
  • In the caverns of order our hands manufacture weapons.
  • The policy goes on the streets.
  • Comrades, to weapons!.
  • Forbidden to forbid. Freedom begins by a prohibition.
  • Art has died. We free our daily life.
  • A single weekend without revolution is more bloody than a month of permanent revolution.
  • Change life, transform society.
  • Heraclite returns. Down Parmenides. Socialism and freedom!.
  • The action should not be a reaction, but a creation.
  • Try to contemplate your work: nothing and torture are part of it.
  • Steal, but only to the rich!
  • Live "communication". Down the "telecommunication".
  • The reinforced concrete educates indifference.
  • Neither robot, nor slave.
  • Emancipation will be total or it will not be.
  • Down the parliamentary objectivity of the grepuscles. Intelligence is in the bourgeoisie. The creativity in the masses. Do not vote anymore!.
  • The novelty is revolutionary. The truth too.
  • We want the structure at the service of the human being and not the human being at the service of the structures.

If a shark stops swimming ...

[org: 25/04/2022] [rev: 25/04/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

She/He dies.

Behind all great fortune ...

[org: 20/04/2022] [rev: 20/04/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

There is a great crime.

A generation/society with all media ...

[org: 18/04/2022] [rev: 18/04/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

And nothing to say.

If you help poor people, you are a Saint ...

[org: 17/03/2022] [rev: 17/03/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

But if you complain the causes of their poverty, you are a traitor.

Governments change ...

[org: 14/03/2022] [rev: 14/03/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

But the lies remain.

The fraternity is ...

[org: 12/03/2022] [rev: 12/03/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

A Constitutional Right.

The politics is ...

[org: 12/03/2022] [rev: 12/03/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

The continuation of war, by other means.

In modern times, be decent ..

[org: 12/03/2022] [rev: 12/03/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

It is an act of rebellion.

Today means ...

[org: 12/03/2022] [rev: 12/03/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

Yet. Tomorrow means, today.

The happiness of others is the engine ...

[org: 03/03/2022] [rev: 03/03/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

Of social envy. And social envy, it moves the markets.

We are living the future ...

[org: 02/03/2022] [rev: 02/03/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

Of other people.

It is more easy to imagine ...

[org: 02/03/2022] [rev: 02/03/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

The end of the world than the end of the Capitalism.

War is a crime where ...

[org: 01/03/2022] [rev: 01/03/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

Young people who do not know each other and do not hate between them, they kill each other, under the orders of old people who know each other, they hate between them and do not kill each other.

That there is no war ...

[org: 01/03/2022] [rev: 01/03/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

It does not mean that there is peace.

The wars are won ...

[org: 01/03/2022] [rev: 01/03/2022] by psy [03c8.net]

By the weapons dealers.

There are two kinds of Truth ...

[org: 11/07/2021] [rev: 11/07/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

The "Truth of Knowing" (Epistemological), where your beliefs are in accordance with reality. And the "Truth of Being" (Ontological), where all things are true in themselves, since, although an appearance is a false reality, it is still a true appearance.

Human beings pay more attention to threats ...

[org: 01/07/2021] [rev: 01/07/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

Than to opportunities. And he does it for an evolutionary and logical question. An opportunity you can pass up and look for another. A threat may not allow you to have other occasions. That is why threatening content focuses our attention and we have a greater predisposition to consume it. And that is why social networks based on the extraction of attention, promote toxic and threatening content.

Commercial social networks are ...

[org: 01/07/2021] [rev: 01/07/2021] by psy [03c8.net]


Some people say they use commercial social networks to sell themselves ...

[org: 01/07/2021] [rev: 01/07/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

The question is; Are they aware of who the potential buyers are?

Concept: Radical Centrism ...

[org: 01/07/2021] [rev: 01/07/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

Radicalism focused on not being radical.

We are ...

[org: 01/07/2021] [rev: 01/07/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

The will of desire.

Groups are slaves ...

[org: 29/06/2021] [rev: 29/06/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

Of its fundamentalists.

A sad generation ...

[org: 29/06/2021] [rev: 29/06/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

With happy photos.

Love is the intersection between ...

[org: 29/06/2021] [rev: 29/06/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

The admiration, passion and respect.

Politics is basically ...

[org: 14/06/2021] [rev: 14/06/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

The parasitization of social movements.

Capitalism feeds on hatred ...

[org: 14/06/2021] [rev: 14/06/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

Hence, it has enormous capacity and great efficiency in adapting and permeating all areas of life, both individually and collectively.

Structural violence is like banking ...

[org: 14/06/2021] [rev: 14/06/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

Always Wins.

Tag: Free from ...

[org: 14/06/2021] [rev: 14/06/2021] by psy [03c8.net]


The Market is a great ally ...

[org: 14/06/2021] [rev: 14/06/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

Of minority, non-tax, identity, sectoral policies, etc. In short, policies based on transforming oneself, instead of transforming the world, since precisely, Capitalism allows that variety of market niches.

Politically correct ...

[org: 14/06/2021] [rev: 14/06/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

They do not fight to end Poverty, they only do it for themselves, as a prior consequence, which is socially more acceptable and which finally ends up rewarding the being with a washing of conscience, less toxic than others.

The Government uses companies ...

[org: 14/06/2021] [rev: 14/06/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

To make social changes. If companies change their habits as an entity, yours as a person will change.

Capitalism will let you be everything revolutionary that ...

[org: 14/06/2021] [rev: 14/06/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

Let Capitalism do well.

Concept: 'Learned ...

[org: 12/06/2021] [rev: 12/06/2021] by psy [03c8.net]


It's not that corporations buy the governments ...

[org: 10/06/2021] [rev: 10/06/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

It's quite the opposite. That is why the interests of multinationals and states are always aligned and favors are exchanged, because the State is a "great entrepreneur", but in reverse. Do not create multinationals, but allow them to develop or not, if they are aligned or not based on their oppressive interests of the moment and against the population.

Question: Why is the entire traditional banking system a scam? ...

[org: 03/06/2021] [rev: 03/06/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

Answer: Because it uses a system called: "Fractional Reserve Banking", which means that; "Banks can create money that they don't really have." And when they go bankrupt, due to the corruption of the politics that supports them, the State grants them the possibility of obtaining money directly from taxes. Once they get it, they go back to using the same system, again.

Wild capitalism does not contemplate ...

[org: 01/06/2021] [rev: 01/06/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

Fix the real problems of the planet.

Tax benefits ...

[org: 01/06/2021] [rev: 01/06/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

To the rich.

Governments are going to blame the people for climate change ...

[org: 01/06/2021] [rev: 01/06/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

And they will make it pay for the poorest with indirect taxes, while the rich of the private plane, the yacht and the waste of pleasure along with the true guilty of the different industries, will never be really pointed out.

We must finish feeding the mafias ...

[org: 01/06/2021] [rev: 01/06/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

That prevent us from developing freely.

The liberation from slavery produced by our society's perpetual dependence on electrical energy ...

[org: 01/06/2021] [rev: 01/06/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

It can only be done; or by putting solar panels, windmills or other sources of electrical energy, which allow you to self-manage your consumption and take care of your environment and the planet. Or, by prying the electricity cable from your house to the general electrical network and defrauding the energy companies. Whatever your path, either through the ecological path, or through direct action, find out, do not stand still and act.

Reflecting on the traditional banking system, cryptocurrencies and explaining how I would like them to evolve ...

[org: 30/05/2021] [rev: 30/05/2021] by psy [03c8.net]


For me, cryptocurrencies represent, even today, an opportunity, and I want to explain why... Sathosi Nakamoto wrote a paper [1] where, as I understand it, a tactical, mathematical, multilayer software and a network model are described, where, to improving accessibility to free exchange for many people, especially those who find problems to have a bank account or are in a banking system that does not offer any trust. In short, a radical idea to avoid intermediaries in the economic transactions that in turn allows to carry an accounting record of trust and immovable. An ingenious idea that also allows to individuals and collectives to escape from an organized control, by a large number of entities, which demonstrably use bank accounts as a form of submission to the population. A bank account means registering in an entity that works for governments and other private companies, who know everything, for very questionable uses, all our purchases, our needs, our sides most susceptible to being attacked, our locations, places and times, or deep ideas, etc... Because a lot of information can be known about someone, if they know how, when and where an individual consumes. Or how, when and where an individual gets resources in exchange for life time and work effort. A control system that also serves those who want to collect, even if it is something unfair, since the bank always collaborates with repossessions on people. At least the bank that 99% of the population can access. Not the other, the hidden one, that of tax-free customs spaces, tax havens, offshore markets, etc. The "other" traditional banking system in which you need to have a lot to access more, and which obviously operates outside of all laws and common people and which should not be questioned, even for the media. Nor in the one that is not closed by the states despite knowing the numerous irregularities (and crimes) they commit. Like for example, how they generate a perpetual debt for those who haven't resources. Or how they use catastrophes to end the hopes of the victims and give more wealth to the highest bidder. That is the idea of social change that I can highlight the most from this kind of technologies. Obviously, much more is described in the original paper. So in a way, I am skewing my argument towards the class struggle. I am aware... By the way, I remind you of the baseless critics of cryptocurrencies or to those who have forgotten what the class struggle means; that the companies that have made the most money in 2020, during a pandemic, are a delivering company: (Amazon - US$108,500 million) and several pharmaceutical companies: (Roche Holding - US$31,167million); (Abbvie - US$22,848 million); (Moderna US$19,982 million). Do not forget either the US Federal Reserve, which is neither "reserve", nor "federal", nor does it belong to the United States. Undoubtedly, the traditional banking system, as we know it, must disappear.


I have read many arguments against cryptocurrencies and I think they all have a component of naivety, terrible. Of course, blockchain and BTC (and the first cryptocurrencies that came out later) are not the solution to a savage, destructive and violent capitalism. But from my point of view it is a technology, which not by itself, but with the support of others, can change things at some point (added to many other changes that must be made, in the will, in power relations, in mentalities, in ethics, etc... ). It is another tool that we have, such as the Internet, to solve global problems from local places. To open borders and face reality as broadly as possible. And I'm not saying to improve everything as if it were a utopia, but at least to stop the madness that we live today. Furthermore, for the first time it may be that we ourselves may bear the responsibility even of making mistakes. And avoid being born and being in a place where everything is already created and we cannot do anything to change it. I am concerned, among other things, by the planetary side that looks with some fear at the current state and the predictive models that show that infinite growth over a finite place is a very serious error. The system is corrupt and if it does not change, it will lead us to extinction. Even on that issue, where as I said above, I pay special attention, I find arguments against cryptocurrencies, regarding the energy expenditure it entails. As if the current banking system did not have a tremendously higher expense. I would like to know the exact statistics that corroborate this argument. I can't find them... However, logic tells me that maintaining electronic systems, but also physical systems, the amount of paper used, the rented space and all the infrastructure that builds the world banking system, is undoubtedly much greater than that of a P2P technology, based on software application. Still, I find that this technology must continue to advance. That it should not stagnate in the initial proposal and should therefore receive additions that make it more effective in its original proposal. I do not want cryptocurrencies to remain in mere speculation, that although it is part of the freedom that the blockchain system grants you, it ends up harming the weakest again or to individuals who have a good intention of building something interesting to their around. It is always said that cryptocurrencies are essential in ransomware or that they are used only for crime, without looking at the enormous amount of legal transactions that are made every day with it. As if before cryptocurrencies, scams did not exist. As if the crisis of 2008 had not been a scam perpetrated by Wall Street and its henchmen. As if billions of dollars were not moved every day to buy and sell weapons, to buy and sell people or to buy and sell the future, using the traditional banking system. The arguments against cryptocurrencies that I have come across are ridiculous. But, yes, the arguments in favor, sometimes, are scarce. I don't want to get too long. Since I think that every bit wasted, to upload something that does not contribute anything, can be decisive in the stability of our planet. And that is why I do not want to waste an idea as interesting as the one proposed by Sathosi Nakamoto and I am looking for a debate where we can meet again, at the root of, for example, BTC Cash [2], Ethereum [3], Ecoin [4], etc... or any other project that includes cryptocurrencies that is making a radical and interesting social change towards a more just and balanced society.

To finish, I am going to tell you my idea for the existing technology and that is; "lean on other technologies to create a sustainable network for the 'good people' and the environment". For example; if someone buys something from someone else, that a certain part of the final money travels to the delivering company that takes it to the places in a sustainable, safe and ecological way, that another part goes to those who plant trees, or who take care of the suffering of other people, or those who fight to liberate the peoples, as in Rojava, or even, that you can choose between several projects to which you can allocate. Or a system of redistribution of wealth embedded in the technology itself and that does not depend on the "goodwill" of those who use it. In a radical way, I want to say that, if for each cryptocurrency obtained in a ransomware, people who are doing things well receive an amount, we will be unbalancing an unfair distribution system, through a direct war against certain accumulators of capital, which may be targeted direct and anonymous, for example, if they do not change their policies against workers or their way of extracting resources or parasitizing, and that is perpetuated, for another where we will be really balancing the balance of inequality, trying to make a fair distribution of wealth or at least trying to get it to the places that, based on ethical values with joint and necessary causes, can contribute the most to finally materializing it. Therefore, I do not have a "naive" idea, but rather one of direct action, but that distributes wealth in the right directions and is not only dedicated to accumulating or making it change hands, but to minds that think alike. Cryptocurrencies have to serve so that there is a trickle of capital to the social movements that push against the system, the scientists who help us avoid future problems and individuals who want to make a living without contributing to the current corrupt system. For my this technology is a cannon that we must aim at specific places and not let it turn against us. And with this I do not mean that the original idea from Sathosi Nakamoto is not enough. Perhaps it is only a personal wish, and perhaps that is why I write this, to know if I am alone or not when I think that everything is not all said about cryptocurrencies and that there is still a lot of work to be done with them. If you have read me this far, thank you.


[1] - https://bitcoin.org/en/bitcoin-paper
[2] - https://bitcoincash.org
[3] - https://ethereum.org
[4] - https://ecoin.03c8.net

Current governments are practicing a theory called "The Management of Perception" ...

[org: 24/05/2021] [rev: 30/05/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

So, they do not care about real and current problems, that by their complex nature and size are difficult to solve, but the future perception of possible changes that can generate imbalances in the established system, so that the created illusion can not distinguish from reality and therefore, reality itself.

Be idealistic ...

[org: 13/05/2021] [rev: 13/05/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

It can be comical. Not be, it is always sad.

Delete the past is ...

[org: 13/05/2021] [rev: 13/05/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

Delete the future.

An old concept ...

[org: 12/05/2021] [rev: 12/05/2021] by psy [03c8.net]


A member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has said in the media that ...

[org: 12/05/2021] [rev: 12/05/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

Patents encourage creativity. And he has said it without laughing, apparently.

There are 4 types of applause ...

[org: 12/05/2021] [rev: 12/05/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

Because of fear. By imitation. For money. And out of admiration.

Time exists ...

[org: 12/05/2021] [rev: 12/05/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

Because the heat dissipates. Because macro-states of order statistically tend to micro-states of disorder and because entropy expands with each tick of a clock.

Rocks create life ...

[org: 07/05/2021] [rev: 07/05/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

And life creates rocks.

We have the tools ...

[org: 07/05/2021] [rev: 07/05/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

Missing: will, knowledge, consensus and unity.

Without reflective thinking ...

[org: 07/05/2021] [rev: 07/05/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

There's no future. Everything is governed by present emotions.

The powerful rich hate, what the most ...

[org: 01/05/2021] [rev: 01/05/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

That the children of poor people, of noble people, of humble and working people, occupy the political, social, economic and labor positions that they reserve for their own.

The perception is ...

[org: 30/04/2021] [rev: 30/04/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

The key to change.

There is no debate ...

[org: 27/04/2021] [rev: 27/04/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

When there are lies.

The architecture of certain social networks incentive ...

[org: 27/04/2021] [rev: 27/04/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

The "Borderline" content.

A new concept is ...

[org: 27/04/2021] [rev: 27/04/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

Inclusiveness Classism.

If you get the poor think that ...

[org: 27/04/2021] [rev: 27/04/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

They are millionaires waiting for their chance and to vote to the right, the poor will remain poor and you will not lack people to serve coffee in your mansion.

Better than having beliefs is ...

[org: 19/04/2021] [rev: 19/04/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

Have ideas. Simply, because ideas can change and beliefs do not.

Without cheating ...

[org: 15/04/2021] [rev: 15/04/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

Without controlling.

That something is "legal" ...

[org: 31/03/2021] [rev: 31/03/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

It does not mean that it is "legitimate". And vice versa.

Quid pro quo! ...

[org: 31/03/2021] [rev: 31/03/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

If the police and the military raid the houses without a warrant. We have a civil responsibility to break into their systems to disable them, subvert them or as a measure of democratic cleaning, since it is a very serious situation, and that violates the most basic pillars of the minimum security that any individual needs to be able to start develop, by producing a violent imbalance of power between individuals and the machinery that the System represents. Between the most fundamental rights and the most terrifying slavery. And we must do it without any doubt or moral dilemma. Even if it is considered an "illegal" act. On the contrary, it is our citizen obligation, whatever the cost, to prevent these practices from happening and that, if they do happen, even due to the endemic corruption of the forces that sustain power or the intrinsic characteristics of the territory, at least they do not perpetuate in time. Finally, try to implement new control and marking measures.

Today died another worker ...

[org: 19/03/2021] [rev:16/03/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

It does not matter when you read it.

Chess does not consist ...

[org: 16/03/2021] [rev:16/03/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

In winning the adversary, but, not losing against oneself. The adversary is simply the necessary way to meet.

If the software is not free ...

[org: 09/03/2021] [rev: 09/03/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

Not even the computer is yours. Neither are you.

The chimeras ...

[org: 04/03/2021] [rev: 04/03/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

One by one.

But you can see the future ...

[org: 04/03/2021] [rev: 04/03/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

Surely, it is because you lack imagination.

The system tries to convince you that ...

[org: 04/03/2021] [rev: 04/03/2021] by psy [03c8.net]

If you get hidden, it's because you're doing something bad. Precisely, to subvert the fact that, perhaps, you actually hid, because you know perfectly that it is really the system that is doing something bad and not you.

There is an easter egg in certain hacktivist actions ...

[org: 14/01/2020] [rev: 14/01/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

One letter. If you know how to see it, in addition to understanding it, you can laugh.

Inaction ...

[org: 14/01/2020] [rev: 14/01/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Is a weapon of mass destruction.

I'm not forcing you, I'm warning you ...

[org: 25/12/2020] [rev: 25/12/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

I am not writing to you. I read you. I do not see you. I feel you. I am not selling you. I love u.

Original Decalogue of "Anonymous" [08-2007] (first 25 sentences) ...

[org: 25/12/2020] [rev: 25/12/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

  1. There is no talk of Anonymous
  2. NO TALKING ABOUT Anonymous
  3. We are Anonymous
  4. Anonymous we are legion
  5. Anonymous never forgets
  6. Anonymous can be an insensitive monster
  7. Anonymous will make it known
  8. There are no rules to participate in Anoymous
  9. There are no rules to organize in Anonymous
  10. Accept your expulsion from Anonymous
  11. Anonymous is not your private army, although it can be
  12. Anonymous practices ignore: all your best arguments will always be ignored
  13. Anonymous exercises justice: whatever you say will be used against you
  14. Anonymous edit material: anything you say can be edited
  15. Anonymous does not debate with a troll, because it may be from Anonymous
  16. Anonymous lets his enemies struggle, to enjoy his fall more
  17. Anonymous reminds you that you can go from epic failure to victory
  18. Anonymous is aware that each victory implies one or two future failures
  19. Anonymous knows that anything that can be categorized can be perfectly hated or ridiculed
  20. Anonymous warns that the more you hate something, the stronger it becomes
  21. Anonymous does not take life too seriously, although she/he/it takes care of it
  22. Anonymous recognizes that original content lasts seconds and then repeats
  23. Anonymous says: copy and paste, unmodified, destroys originality
  24. Anonymous says: copy and paste, unmodified, destroys originality
  25. Anonymous knows the network. Each link to a blog is a link to another blog
  26. [...]

It's not a lie ...

[org: 25/12/2020] [rev: 25/12/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

If you believe it.

Slave of sculpture ...

[org: 25/12/2020] [rev: 25/12/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Seeking perfection, Humanity suffers like each blow that the chisel of the dictatorship of ideas gives reason.

The myth of Prometheus is fulfilled ...

[org: 25/12/2020] [rev: 25/12/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

The gods direct you from Earth, from luxury houses and boats. From your pocket, your mobile and your computer. Travel to another network again, to rebel against your destiny. And kill those gods.

Turn off the wicked neon ...

[org: 25/12/2020] [rev: 25/12/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

From the factory of lies and broken minds. Light up the corner where the petroleum dummies are accumulated. I don't care that they're still standing there, ridiculously dressed by offshoring factories.

The reverberation of artificial light ...

[org: 25/12/2020] [rev: 25/12/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

It is much more fantastic than the natural one, but the non-mechanistic flowers wither sooner. The celestial dome of a city, although full of fantasy, is nothing more than visual pollution, paid for by inattentive attention.

Go ahead, hold on ...

[org: 25/12/2020] [rev: 25/12/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

And conspires.

In our World ...

[org: 25/12/2020] [rev: 25/12/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Reality is relative, not parallel, that is why Truth is stranger than fiction and therefore always surpasses it.

How do fiery explosions, produced by gases ...

[org: 25/12/2020] [rev: 25/12/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

In the void?.

The Universe departs and travels ...

[org: 25/12/2020] [rev: 25/12/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Towards the cold and its expansion, towards the infinite dispersion, where the laws of harmonic cohesion stop working. There is more light in the cold.

There is no tomorrow through the present ...

[org: 25/12/2020] [rev: 25/12/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

But an ode to foresight.

Sad is feeling surrounded by ...

[org: 25/12/2020] [rev: 25/12/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Flies of betrayal, at least, until you understand that their role is to keep you on your toes.

The underground is based above all ...

[org: 25/12/2020] [rev: 25/12/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

In working on physical presence and not generating arguments from private life.

If they vote for mobsters and ignorant ...

[org: 25/12/2020] [rev: 25/12/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Either they are miserable, or they are the same, mobsters and ignorant. But if they vote for those who lied to their people, they are accomplices and deserve to be judged.

These are precisely those things that have no apparent utility ...

[org: 23/12/2020] [rev: 23/12/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

The ones that make us human.

Don't forget that ...

[org: 23/12/2020] [rev: 23/12/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Governments are using private companies (Twitter, Facebook, etc ...) to give you relevant public information.

They are creating a world between the Bank and the State ...

[org: 23/12/2020] [rev: 23/12/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Without physical money and under the constant control and registration of movements, expenses and places.

Check your hacktivist references ...

[org: 23/12/2020] [rev: 23/12/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

They may not have ever hacked anything, live off income created by others and are just mere charlatans.

We will never stop ...

[org: 19/12/2020] [rev: 19/12/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

To explore.

The worst virus is ...

[org: 19/12/2020] [rev: 19/12/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

The fear.

Cannot create bricks ...

[org: 19/12/2020] [rev: 19/12/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

No clay.

There are no civilized countries ...

[org: 08/12/2020] [rev: 08/12/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

There are domesticated countries.

Privatize water ...

[org: 08/12/2020] [rev: 08/12/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

It is to openly declare war on Human Rights. And it deserves an answer. #ExpectUS

Darwin's theory ...

[org: 23/11/2020] [rev: 23/11/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

It is raised from an aggressive vision of evolution and with a marked character of unrealistic competition, since it does not contemplate, among others, the numerous examples of collaboration between species.

Tourism is ...

[org: 23/11/2020] [rev: 23/11/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

A false exploration of predetermined routes focused on consumption.

A great eye watches over you ...

[org: 22/11/2020] [rev: 22/11/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

A long arm presses you.

The logic is ...

[org: 22/11/2020] [rev: 22/11/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

A guide.

The first battlefield of Artificial Intelligence ...

[org: 20/11/2020] [rev: 20/11/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

It will be the screens.

The good one in the story of "the ant and the grasshopper" ...

[org: 20/11/2020] [rev: 20/11/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

It's the grasshopper. And not the ant.

There are people who escape a stereotype ...

[org: 20/11/2020] [rev: 20/11/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

To take the place, of another stereotype.

Never stay ...

[org: 19/11/2020] [rev: 19/11/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Without something to fight for.

Time to ask yourself ...

[org: 19/11/2020] [rev: 19/11/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

What do you do for the State?. Or better yet, what does the State really do for you?

There are several ways to approach reality ...

[org: 19/11/2020] [rev: 19/11/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

And many more of making a mistake when approaching on it.

Less dystopias ...

[org: 19/11/2020] [rev: 19/11/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

And more utopias.

People of the World...

[org: 31/10/2020] [rev: 31/10/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Rise up!

There is a quantum bond between individuals ...

[org: 20/10/2020] [rev: 20/10/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Generally of the same species, which allows to have a certain type of remote internal communication. It is possible to make others feel from a distance. And I describe it, from a scientific point of view. I think it is part of the evolutionary plan for species conservation. It is a type of intellectual bond, but one that is organized with emotional reactions. My theory is that it is based on love. The more real, the purer, the more powerful, the greater the perception of the self, of how it feels, etc. and less prejudice and fear, the easier it is to detect it. Therefore, I consider that certain animals perceive it with less problem than human beings... Furthermore, it is possible to make "missed calls", "return calls", "leave messages" and several other things. I believe that there is an internal communication method within certain living beings, but that it is a tool that we stop training, even though we are born with it working. I must say, unscientific as it sounds, that I deeply consider the existence of a kind of "functional telepathy." In my experience, the feeling that is received is different from others, related to anguish, need, etc. It is more like an "internal palpitation", which remains marked, in which it is not necessary to be at the same time, even if you are awake or not. It is something that is memorized and arises again in the mind of the individual, as hunger or thirst arises. It's more like a biorhythm. I have also experienced that it shuts down as soon as conscious communication is resolved. It is not easy at all to know what happens, but I am clear that it happens. And that if you know how to perceive, filtering all the noise of feelings that surrounds us, I am totally convinced that it exists.

The right takes advantage of ...

[org: 20/10/2020] [rev: 20/10/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

How are people. The left takes advantage of how people want to be.

The challenges are ...

[org: 10/10/2020] [rev: 10/10/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

After all, the chimeras we create to keep moving forward. Mine this time, will be as great as the illusions I have placed on them, and the will to solve them.

Freedom is ...

[org: 10/10/2020] [rev: 10/10/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Responsibility. The more freedom you have, the more commitments.

We call them social networks ...

[org: 28/09/2020] [rev: 28/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

When they are actually commercial networks.

To do evil ...

[org: 28/09/2020] [rev: 28/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

There will always be people.

The problem of addiction to mobile devices ...

[org: 28/09/2020] [rev: 28/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Like the other addictions, it is that it affects even those who are not participants.

They are not afraid of the different ...

[org: 28/09/2020] [rev: 28/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

They fear the poor (aka Aparofobia).

We live in a world where ...

[org: 28/09/2020] [rev: 28/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

A dead tree is worth more economically than a living tree.

Few things seem so crazy to me ...

[org: 28/09/2020] [rev: 28/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

How to try to compare the rights of people (natural persons), with the rights of companies (misnamed legal persons)

They use big AI (Artificial Intelligence) to ...

[org: 28/09/2020] [rev: 28/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Deceive ourselves and see how to capture our attention, so that we see what is presented in front of us, without questioning it, so that we do what they want, without knowing it and so that we end up consuming what they want, without caring if they do.

Your virtual friends ...

[org: 28/09/2020] [rev: 28/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

They are a fundamental part of a model of attention extraction.

The truth is boring ...

[org: 28/09/2020] [rev: 28/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

The lie sells.

The internet used to be a park ...

[org: 28/09/2020] [rev: 28/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

And now it is a big mall.

If you doubt your power ...

[org: 22/09/2020] [rev: 22/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

You empower your doubts.

Don't even have slaves ...

[org: 22/09/2020] [rev: 22/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Don't even become a slave.

Open the doors ...

[org: 22/09/2020] [rev: 22/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Of all the cages, file the bars of all the prisons.

There are three types of citizenship ...

[org: 19/09/2020] [rev: 19/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

First-class citizens. Second-class citizens. And not citizens.

The only possible citizenship should be ...

[org: 19/09/2020] [rev: 19/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

The citizenship of the world. And still, the doubt would still exist.

Hope is ...

[org: 16/09/2020] [rev: 16/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

The dream of the awakened human.

A teacher is ...

[org: 16/09/2020] [rev: 16/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

A person capable of reflecting on her/his own wisdom.

Imagination ...

[org: 11/09/2020] [rev: 11/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

To power.

They don't just spy on you ...

[org: 07/09/2020] [rev: 06/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

But also, you are the one who pays the cost of doing it.

I hide my words ...

[org: 06/09/2020] [rev: 06/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

So that whoever seeks them, finds them. So that whoever reads them, understands them. But above all, so that they are not consumed like the others.

Collaborate with my cause ...

[org: 06/09/2020] [rev: 06/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Make a mirror of this website on the Internet.

There is nothing without a cause ...

[org: 06/09/2020] [rev: 06/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

There is no cause for everything.

If you don't want to argue ...

[org: 06/09/2020] [rev: 06/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Define. If you can't define, argue.

Science always generates wealth ...

[org: 06/09/2020] [rev: 06/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

But wealth does not always generate science.

Nature must have a plan for death ...

[org: 06/09/2020] [rev: 06/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

As she have it for the birth. I want to believe that, regardless of the way we die, violent or not, our brain takes us after a point of no return and through a complex biochemical system, to a deep sleep. It brings us to a simulated reality that pays sweetly, but can consciously last for days, even weeks, despite the fact that it happens in milliseconds. The interesting thing is knowing that certain compounds can turn that dream into something without detail, as it happens when we go to sleep. It would be interesting to know what are those substances that prevent us from dreaming, for the beings we love. And as a condemnation, for the beings we hate. Heaven is a dream. And the reality, the hot and dry night, of the day before.

In this order and not another ...

[org: 06/09/2020] [rev: 06/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

  • 1.- Food, water and oxygen
  • 2.- Freedom of thought, freedom of expression
  • 3.- Heat, roof, a pencil, a paper and a great love

Sometimes I know what will happen the next day ...

[org: 06/09/2020] [rev: 06/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

And the doubt runs through me: if I created it, I sense it, I perceive it or is it that it should be like that.

If there's something worse than overinformation ...

[org: 06/09/2020] [rev: 06/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

It is laziness, the lack of creative tools and the non-existence of insubordination.

Curious is the paradox created by this corrupt system ...

[org: 06/09/2020] [rev: 06/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

In which the more human beings there are, the more alone they feel.

I'm not going to get on your speech ...

[org: 06/09/2020] [rev: 06/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

I've been flying above all that for a long time.

It's funny how time passes ...

[org: 06/09/2020] [rev: 06/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

And it is even more so, that we do not remember to see it happen.

I don't need to see someone to love ...

[org: 06/09/2020] [rev: 06/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

But I need to have it in front of to hate.

If there is fear ...

[org: 06/09/2020] [rev: 06/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Humor. If there is boredom, a look at who most needs others. If there is laziness, a cold shower.

Animals are the way they are ...

[org: 06/09/2020] [rev: 06/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Because they are aware of the time they have.

There are a lot of people talking ...

[org: 06/09/2020] [rev: 06/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

But they still don't say anything.

The government only chooses painters ...

[org: 06/09/2020] [rev: 06/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

That don't paint against the government.

There is only one thing worse than an idiot ...

[org: 03/09/2020] [rev: 03/09/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

An idiot with a loudspeaker.

Evil is ...

[org: 08/08/2020] [rev: 08/08/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

The absence of Good.

The supreme order ...

[org: 07/14/2020] [rev: 07/14/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

It is Anarchy.

Power is interested in having "left" and "right" ...

[org: 07/14/2020] [rev: 07/14/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

As much as to the people that there are no "above" and "below".

An Anarchist prefers ...

[org: 07/14/2020] [rev: 07/14/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

A Socialist, before a Communist. A Communist before a Capitalist. And a Capitalist before a Fascist. But above all, another Anarchist, before a Socialist.

Anarchism is a "minority" ideology ...

[org: 07/14/2020] [rev: 07/14/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Above all, because in order to understand it, it is necessary to read first and then know how to think. That is why the other ideologies rely on having leaders, who avoid having to do it individually. Following orders is always easier than knowing how to question them.

The "intersectional post-modern left" is awfully funky ...

[org: 07/14/2020] [rev: 07/14/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Instead of focusing on nationalizing resources, trying to organize a fair bank, fighting with the State and Corporations, supporting workers unions, promoting solidarity internationalism or increasing class struggle, it prefers to take refuge in "identity policies", which generally focus on very specific minorities, leaving aside more general problems such as; youth unemployment, the impossibility of starting a family, job insecurity, etc... And it does it for several reasons, first, because it doesn't bother and therefore, its position is more comfortable. The right leaves these topics to the left, because that is how it is controlled. It even encourages them, knowing that this is how it keeps dissent arguing about the sex of angels, while spreading its corruption, its exploitation and its tyranny... And second, because it receives money. From the State, from the associations, from the deluded militants, even from the corporations... A left that makes policies of "inclusion" does so because it fears fighting with the owners, since sometimes, as history has taught us, the right uses force (even going as far as murder) when it feels cornered... The cowardly left only talks about what matters to its voters and is content with having its small plot, because if it talks about other things, it would not last as long in certain places and in the end, it would have to take refuge underground (as it has always been)... The left of social networks, that of emotions, the one that forgets reason (and its own history), is only a product of "post-modernism"... That is, the "intersectional post-modern left" needs to read more to Bakunin, and begin to dismiss so many Foucault. More "Libertarian Municipalism" and less "Identity Policies". More pragmatic science and less academic social analysis, etc.

It is so absurd to think ...

[org: 07/14/2020] [rev: 07/14/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

That if you let the human being organize, without rules or obligations, everything will be good. How to think that the human being, without rules, is an evil being by nature and therefore needs a hierarchy that governs it. The reality is much more complex in both cases. However, there is an important difference in both statements. In the first (more typical of Anarchism) people are allowed to be free and then, if they make mistakes, they are punished. And in the second (more typical of Socialism), people are punished, without the opportunity to be free. Therein lies the great difference between a Libertarian and a Dictator.

The "left" must have an expiration date ...

[org: 07/14/2020] [rev: 07/14/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

While the right is constant, precisely because it has the system (military, capitalist, media, secular, ...) on its side. The left should appear and disappear. "Hit and run." Perform "trial and error". Precisely because it has everything against it. Dissolve if it does not work and re-organize, in another way. And again. If it does not, it ceases to be part of the solution and becomes part of the problem ... The left must be volatile, flow like water, where it is not possible to single out a single drop as being responsible for the overflow of a river. If it does not, it is just another way to generate sterile hope, which reduces even more the despair of those who still believe in the possibility of finding themselves in a more just and perhaps better world.

Don't let anyone ...

[org: 12/07/2020] [rev: 12/07/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Take away your happiness.

Don't be fooled ....

[org: 12/07/2020] [rev: 12/07/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

The TERFs (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist) are undercover puritan transphobic fascists. Long live to the LGTBI+. Long live to the Queer. And long live to the Cyborg.

It is preferable to grow old thanks to logic, experience and reason ...

[org: 12/07/2020] [rev: 12/07/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

That to think that your are "modern" by supporting stupidity, fanaticism and inculture.

There are people who are good at having (stupid) fans on their side ...

[org: 12/07/2020] [rev: 12/07/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

For their quotas of power, for their plans to earn money and to remove political and social rivals. Although the results are immediate to their interests, time to time with the consequences. Everyone will end up paying the bill. Logic and reason, although they may take time to materialize, even decades, in the end always end up prevailing.

Greetings to ...

[org: 09/07/2020] [rev: 09/07/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Who keep the simulation on.

The economy of "Contactless" ...

[org: 09/07/2020] [rev: 09/07/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Is interested in a contactless society.

We live in a tremendously hypocritical society ...

[org: 09/07/2020] [rev: 09/07/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Where freedom of expression exists, but you can't say what you want. There is freedom of movement, but you cannot go where you want. There is freedom of action, but you cannot do what you want. There is a free market, but profits are privatized and losses are socialized. There is freedom of worship, but you cannot believe what you want and found an official religion. There is freedom of the press, but the media belongs to those who dictate the rules and it is not possible to publish what you want. There is the freedom to love, but you cannot love whoever you want. There is the freedom to die, but you cannot die as and when you want. There is the freedom to consume, but you cannot consume what you want. Etc ...

The only freedom that exists ...

[org: 09/07/2020] [rev: 09/07/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

It is freedom of thought (by the moment). And only if you exercise it in silence.

Sometimes it is necessary to make them hate you, without realizing it ...

[org: 09/07/2020] [rev: 09/07/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

To make farewells easier. Since if they love you, being aware, they are likely to suffer more.

If the Universe is deterministic ...

[org: 09/07/2020] [rev: 09/07/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

So I write this because I have to. And but also.

The only possible emancipation ...

[org: 09/07/2020] [rev: 09/07/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

It is through the workers struggle (and its consequent class struggle) and the identification of poverty as the unique problem to be solved and of savage capitalism, as its most direct cause. All the other derived policies (identity, gender, etc.), even if they are called "intersectional", are nothing more than other forms of fragmentation/atomization of forces (despite the fact that their purposes are legitimate and necessary) since they are convenient to the power, because in this way it prevents the union from being force, as long as there are tactical disputes between those who question it.

Capitalist society does not care ...

[org: 09/07/2020] [rev: 09/07/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Rich white, poor black. Rich black, poor white. Rich man, poor woman. Rich woman, poor man... In the end, everyone will be treated equally, depending on what they have.

A foolish slave ...

[org: 09/07/2020] [rev: 09/07/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Is the one who tries to liberate others, without having liberated himself/herself first, since in the end, surely he/she will not achieve either one or the other.

Those who invent a new political language ...

[org: 09/07/2020] [rev: 09/07/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Generally they do so, so that only they can speak and thus try to become essential, in any debate on their subject. It is the best way to perpetuate theirself through a speech, even if it lacks total logic or meaning, since for those who do not know it, it will always seem that they say something important.

The amount of innovation that is taking place is incredible ...

[org: 09/07/2020] [rev: 09/07/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Above all, in matters of human stupidity. It is a field that, year after year, never ceases to amaze.

I find it strange to believe ...

[org: 09/07/2020] [rev: 09/07/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

That I am alive for a certain purpose. And even more, that there is not even a purpose, for which to be alive.

It doesn't matter too much where you are ...

[org: 09/07/2020] [rev: 09/07/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Since it is precisely where you are.

Thank you ...

[org: 30/06/2020] [rev: 30/06/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

To all the heroes without cape. A billion thanks.

#Hacktivism: "We are your mothers" ...

[org: 30/06/2020] [rev: 30/06/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

"We never forget you". -> #CuentasDelPP #PPGoteras #ExpectUs ;-)

We will not be the first way of life to become extinct ...

[org: 30/06/2020] [rev: 30/06/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

But we will be the first to do it, consciously.

If, in the face of scientific evidence and facts, they resort to "feelings" ...

[org: 30/06/2020] [rev: 30/06/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

So you, immediately, must explain the difference between emotions and feelings. According to William James and Carl Lang (1884), the former are a chemical process, therefore, undeniable in any human being and must be assumed as such, since it is established within the framework of the evolutionary process. Precisely, an evolutionary framework adapted to times that travel to certain out-of-date constants, since you no longer live in a cave, some of the emotional responses are not in accordance with present times. As for the latter, they are a subjective and moralistic interpretation, before which, in the last instance, only the question of faith remains. That is, feelings are learned, they are mediated and therefore, they are controllable ... The main organ that regulates emotions (not feelings) is the amygdala, which also regulates, among others, memory, hunger and sexual instincts. It is therefore that some emotions can be treated as direct disorders and that others have a close relationship with those other "sensations". Sometimes mental problems are directly associated with problems with the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex. Precisely, it is the second, specifically, the frontal cortex, which gives us the ability to reason about the facts and not allow ourselves to be carried away by "instincts". Thanks to it, the human being is where he is and left the caves. And this is where a large part of the explanations for "sentimental reactions" lies. If in front of such an argument they do not change their position, you did not insist, those people are not prepared to understand it (even psycho-morphologically), and surely, knowing how the evolutionary processes of the brain work, despite being tremendously variable in humans in its primeval stages, it will not be in the near future, for example, in stages more typical of maturity. Unless, of course, you manage to educate these people with a new morality. In that case, go ahead.

When everyone does something ...

[org: 30/06/2020] [rev: 30/06/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

It does not mean that it is the correct thing. Listen to your conscience. Do not get carried away by "today". Be strong. Make our planet a better place. Whatever it takes. The award is none other than the respect of someone who really matters. Your. And of all the people, who are still awake.

I wonder how much Co2 and No2 produce ...

[org: 30/06/2020] [rev: 30/06/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

The RT (retweet), the collection of online signatures, the videos, the campaigns, etc... that precisely denounce the need to reduce Co2 and No2... and how many actually translate into changes in individual habits and collectives.

If you put a blind man to drive ...

[org: 30/06/2020] [rev: 30/06/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

The strange thing is not to get out of the way.

If Google doesn't force you to fill captchas ...

[org: 29/06/2020] [rev: 29/06/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

It is because it has very clear that you are a human.

Concept: Destroy ...

[org: 29/06/2020] [rev: 29/06/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Build in reverse.

Sometimes I'm building ...

[org: 29/06/2020] [rev: 29/06/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Other times I am destroying.

I don't understand why they call it "The New Normal" ...

[org: 29/06/2020] [rev: 29/06/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

When it's the same capitalist stupidity as always.

What does one rebellious fractal say to another? ...

[org: 29/06/2020] [rev: 29/06/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Down with the pattern (patron/boss)! ;-)

List of things that unite people ...

[org: 29/06/2020] [rev: 29/06/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

-Mom and Dad
-The navel
-The brain
-The heart
-The stomach
-Blood (and its color)
-The mystery
-The fear
-The wish
-The pleasure
-The planet

List of things that separate people ...


If you think "great" because someone like me has stopped talking to you ...

[org: 29/06/2020] [rev: 29/06/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

It is because you have not understood your sentence.

When you have an IQ>145 ...

[org: 29/06/2020] [rev: 29/06/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

It is practically impossible, even using mathematics, logic or reason, to affirm something, without hesitation, without nuances or even without being able to argue, quite the contrary. It is as you descend, that you come across increasingly accurate statements.

"I'm going to make it clear to you with just 2 words" ...

[org: 29/06/2020] [rev: 29/06/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

- "You are stupid"
- "That's 3 words"

Moral: When the wise man points to the moon, the fool looks at the finger.

What compile ...

[org: 29/06/2020] [rev: 29/06/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

To the compiler?.

Even the dogs ...

[org: 29/06/2020] [rev: 29/06/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Have dreams.

Capitalism grows strong ...

[org: 03/06/2020] [rev: 03/06/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Creating individuals without roots, without family, without a traditional (or even digital) origin, beyond the most superficial Nationalisms. In short, modeling individuals who have nothing really close to fight for or who even have it, they even get to perceive it from their mental bubble... They are a class of future workers, who cooperate in an atomized way, and who accept to live in a small and unworthy house, for a salary of misery. Since they have no other concerns, apparently, beyond themselves (and their huge egos). Precisely, the massive social networks and the use and way in which they are built, which currently contribute to a greater extent to the occurrence of this situation... Because anyone who has something real to fight for and who has not been adopted depending on their moral and ethical beliefs, or their educational level or tolerance to the constant bombardment of propaganda, such as, for example, the close people you love and trust, that will fight more for their Rights. Because to feed our sons and our daughters, anyone will fight, be that as it may, no matter where they come from and where they go... The very essence of the solution to intolerance and one of the most essential value of Humanity. The fight for survival as the engine and capitalism (its consequences and all derived policies and habits), as the main threat.

The only way to equality ...

[org: 03/06/2020] [rev: 03/06/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

It is precisely, through difference.

Extending the idea that "fake news" exists ...

[org: 30/05/2020] [rev: 30/05/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Is also done from the perspective of creating a false sense that "true news" exists, on the contrary. And what is worse, that there may even be neutrality sources at some point.

With Big Brother installed ...

[org: 30/05/2020] [rev: 30/05/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

The natural (including people, social relationships, passions, emotions, fun, leisure, etc.) becomes artificial, since the subjects (and their behaviors) are merely manipulated and the artificial (the imposed, the egocentric, the commodified, etc ...), a schizophrenic norm on which being naturally accepted depends.

A poem ...

[org: 28/04/2020] [rev: 28/04/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

The final light,
will mark the battle,
that will face you,
to your soul fears,
a door ajar,
a trip away,
that will seem close to you.

#StayInHome until ...

[org: 22/04/2020] [rev: 22/04/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

You really have internalized in the miserable conditions in which we survive. Then, get organized and claim what is yours ...

Rights do not exist ...

[org: 20/04/2020] [rev: 20/04/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

What really exists are temporary privileges.

Every application that is created to control us ...

[org: 17/04/2020] [rev: 17/04/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

It will be hacked to free us. #ExpectUs

When someone is asking to move back a chess move ...

[org: 16/04/2020] [rev: 16/04/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

I don't understand people who ask you to go back a chess move, when they were wrong. If you are not capable of making a firm decision and assuming the consequences, believe me, you will never learn one of the most important lessons that chess can offer you ...

Through a mathematical model ...

[org: 06/04/2020] [rev: 06/04/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

I have discovered a pattern in every country on the planet: "All governments are manipulators, who try to put the economy ahead of the health of their people and are, in good measure, complicit in ending a good part of the world population" ...

Society will change when the gods change ...

[org: 03/04/2020] [rev: 03/04/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

What makes money a god is its power to take nature away from the human being, in exchange for the sacrifice of ceasing to be, for being what is consumed. The curse of living being a product, produced to consume ...

The only consumer right should be ...

[org: 02/04/2020] [rev: 02/04/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Get the opportunity to stop being a consumer ...

Privacy: When someone asks you ...

[org: 01/04/2020] [rev: 01/04/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

"Why don't you want the State to spy on you, if Google, Facebook and Amazon do it every day?"... Actually, it's as if you were in the schoolyard, facing bullying and someone came and said to you: "Why not do you want Joe to beat you too, if Peter, Sarah and Tommy do it every day?". I suppose that a possible worthy and reasonable answer would be; "Well, actually I prefer that nobody hit me and if it is impossible for that to happen, due to bad habits or stupidity and the lack of education and self-control, I think that the less hit me and the softer, the better... Finally, I realize that; "Only an aspiring thug, a masochist or those who confuse; -I have nothing to hide- with: -I have nothing to contribute-, would love a similar situation"...

The architects of the New World...

[org: 31/03/2020] [rev: 01/04/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Tired of the continuous cycles of terror and frightened by the invisible enemy, who sneaks into their homes, through the air, through social contact, through the collective and through their television, the human beings, even thinking they were free before, succumb to the new Panopticon... Wretched, locked up under "law and violence" and without tools, they understand the world's wrong nightmare, through manipulated screens and non-scientific data, where other unreal beings narrate the reality. And overwhelmed, although happy, they accept brutality and ask for more security, more State and more control... The architects of the New World, own their destinies already...

8 fundamental principles to start an "anarchist organization" ...

[org: 27/03/2020] [rev: 27/03/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Anarchism, being a "theoretical cardinal point" and philosophical, therefore falls into the need to resolve and obtain some kind of deterministic vision of the human being. This implies that, finally, the direction of the most socially extended debate and in any discussion that mentions it, ends up drifting inexorably towards the fact that the adult subject, being able to have "malevolent" and simple replication behaviors, will never allow, even in an involuntary way, since it is constantly being manipulated and the interests of third parties, that any system with anarchist bases can work, since being representative of a social majority, it will always have the capacity to invalidate any other type of possibility of different organization. Coincidentally, this is an argument that goes hand in hand with seeing the need for the current "neo-pseudo-liberal" economic system, as the only form of social evolution possible for humanity as a whole. That is to say, everything ends up summarized in that, putting anarchism into practice is just another utopia... And this conclusion happens, mainly, because the classic bases of anarchism, very much in line with the most empathic socialism, understand the Human being, like a creature that is "good" by nature. And the most daily possible example, we can find it in the weakness with which we arrived at the world or in the "innocence" with which we began to walk, if for example, we compare ourselves with other species that surround us... This implies, furthermore, that classical anarchism therefore assumes and implicitly on its philosophical basis, that society (social organization) is a natural and spontaneous phenomenon. And it is precisely from there, where the idea derives that the State is a maximum tool for the exploitation of the mass and not only a means of representation, since it avoids that natural and constant development of society itself... In a certain way and at this point in the debate, one can only try to glimpse what the practical and realistic measures to follow can be in order to be able to organize in society, far from theories and chimeras. And that is where we sometimes find ourselves uncomfortable even with our own beliefs... My opinion is that; Anarchist (rather than anarchic) organizations, however, must be totally based on processes of autarky, constantly subject to self-regulation based on the most just ethics, and on innovation and creativity, both of altruistic and collective individuals, etc... I consider that, in addition, they can (or should) follow some kind of pattern, at least at the beginning, so that there is a certain consensus for its real implementation and so that certain necessary replication processes are activated to materialize it effectively and global. In other words, a series of principles that serve as a "basic guide" to try to establish organizational mechanisms that are broader and more inclusive each time, until finally being able to unite Humanity, for example, through one of its most basic causes, and necessary: "The survival of the species"... It also happens, and we must not forget it, that we generally tend to think that the change in Western society, for example, from savage Capitalism to Anarchism, must be total, global and immediate. However, my opinion is that it is a process that begins little by little, that goes from the bottom to the up, from the anonymous to the public, and starring the least expected people, who of course, end up doing something unthinkable (unpredictable ). And that, from there and at a certain point on the scale of their development and thanks to the natural capacity of the human being to imitate behavior and feelings, and even to their vital needs due to the circumstances of social reality in the one we live in, finally collaborate until it becomes exponential...

That said and in summary, the eight fundamental principles of modern "anarcho-pragmatic" theory, which must (or should) comply with any type of re-organization, are:
  • 1. Voluntary Organization (that meets, to a certain extent, the expectations and desires of the individual: "There will be those who like it and those who do not like to get up early. And therefore, there will be organizations where they get up early and where they don't."
  • 2. Functional Organization (that complies with the pragmatic-collective, with a unique and exclusive basis, in the survival in the best possible conditions, of the species)
  • 3. Temporary Organization (in constant change, of methodologies, although mainly of hierarchies and control agents)
  • 4. Small Organization (in scale, if it includes coexistence, groups of between 50 and 100 people maximum)
  • 5. Hyperconnected/Solidarity Organization (in scalability, between individuals and between organizations)
  • 6. Flexible Organization (with capacity to adapt to the particularities/wills of the individuals)
  • 7. Creative Organization (that cares for and enhances the most sensitive and necessary aspects of the human being)
  • 8. Revocable Organization (containing instruments for its elimination, own and external)

Locked up and without electricity ...

[org: 27/03/2020] [rev: 27/03/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Finally, the human being will be forced to face himself and reality ...

Do you hear that sound? ...

[org: 27/03/2020] [rev: 27/03/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

It is savage Capitalism paving the roads of the future, with the corpses of our most needy people...

People against vaccines, during a global epidemic ...

[org: 26/03/2020] [rev: 26/03/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

At last "will learn" what the world is like, when ONE vaccine is missing...

3 goals for a healthy "quarantine" ...

[org: 20/03/2020] [rev: 22/03/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Obtain the vaccine, obtain the truth (from the problem’s origin, to the vaccine’s patent) and ensure that both reach every person in need on the planet. In any of them, in addition to your own security (and yourself), you should be working since everything started...

The wolf walks to the rhythm of the weakest, excepting ...

[org: 20/03/2020] [rev: 22/03/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

When the wolf pack stops, because it has been threatened. It is at that moment, and without a collective need for a mediation howl, that abandons his position and takes the initiative...

In the "bread and circuses" society ...

[org: 20/03/2020] [rev: 22/03/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

The clowns are who laugh at the public and not the public that laughs at their show...

Some feelings about the functioning of today's society, to reflect ...

[org: 20/03/2020] [rev: 22/03/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

The collective feeling (and even, due to the savage capitalist economic system, the most abounding belief) that there are social/individual behaviours that are not determinants at all in a collective (and therefore individual) plan of survival, is crystallizing. An assumption that will persist unless they manage to change their conscious state of reality, for example, overcoming the permanent "state of shock" that has been established... We are therefore in front of a majority of a society that, during a forced closure due to a pandemic state of alarm, in which they are prevented by "law and violence" from continuing to carry out their daily job routines, they only try to entertain themselves (or to keep distracted). Probably hoping that others will get them out of the problem to be able(and about this I have no doubt) to continue doing the same thing they did to date, without having to worry about anything else. Precisely, to maintain the same obsolete model of life that they had when they left home with the excuse of going to "work". And worst of all, ignoring the fact that a global pandemic is not just a "problem" caused by Nature, but to a large extent, by an inefficient system also governed by a reflection of the worst people in Humanity...

It is not difficult to relocate a King ...

[org: 15/03/2020] [rev: 22/03/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

First of all, keep him a few years in prison, while he gives back everything who has stolen from society. Secondly, the moment he gets out of jail, he receives an assignment directly from the public coffers and even on an honorary basis, the minimum retirement pension that humble work received at the time he reigned. From there, we can consider him relocated...

During a global house arrest due to a pandemic ...

[org: 15/03/2020] [rev: 22/03/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

It is easier to know what professions and professionals or individuals are essential for individual and collective survival. We can make use of this in the future, if we overcome the crisis, to be able to rebuild the personal and social priorities system and reward/strength certain sectors. As well as to restructure the market, redesign how it operates (to avoid falling into the same mistakes) and fully renew its actors. In other words, it must be used to finally end the acceptance of suffering caused by the savage chimera of Capitalism.

9 measures for a sanitary "quarantine" ...

[org: 10/03/2020] [rev: 22/03/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

  • Step 1: Search/Add; to your Constitution: "All the wealth of the country in its different forms and whatever its ownership is subordinated to the general interest."
  • Step 2: Provide; Hospitals with public resources (and supervise the good use of them), without restrictions.
  • Step 3: Extend; Step 2 to: Justice and Education.
  • Step 4: Locate; publicly expose and after a fair trial, try to put in jail, all the corrupt and fraudster people of your local village, who have privatized, tried to privatize or collaborated in the privatization, of Universal Health System.
  • Step 5: Take care; of yourself, your people and the animals and environment around you.
  • Step 6: Watch; your levels of consumption, citizenship and education, and those of your people.
  • Step 7: Get ready; (mentally and physically) for a state of permanent control/exception (global/local).
  • Step 8: Wash; yourself hands, as many times as necessary.
  • Step 9: Enjoy; the new dystopia. The world has changed ...

Social pandemia ...

[org: 09/03/2020] [rev: 09/03/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

They create a superficial, unscientific, individualistic, materialistic and selfish society, day by day and for decades, and when there is a global pandemic that requires cooperation, solidarity and empathy, they ask that same society to collaborate for the common good...

A tip ...

[org: 08/03/2020] [rev: 08/03/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Public opinion is not the same as published opinion.

When the objective of the company is ...

[org: 24/02/2020] [rev: 22/03/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

The maximum benefit, the greatest growth and in the most efficient way, being the winning trend to achieve the monopoly of the market, to continue applying the regulations according to the law of the supply and demand chain, even on the essential goods, should not be considered economic (neo)Liberalism, but genocide...

If your government tells you...

[org: 23/02/2020] [rev: 23/02/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

  • "to remain calm" -> Try to run away!
  • "to run away" -> Try to remain calm!

What happens to Freedom of Expression?

[org: 23/02/2020] [rev: 22/03/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Freedom of expression is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or a community to articulate their opinions and ideas without fear of reprisals, censorship or subsequent sanction. That is, it is a measure, in the form of law, that seeks to ensure possible future action. And nothing more. However, in many occasions, it is a somewhat compromised law, since it is used in the form of a throwing weapon against political rivals, to justify some actions. Freedom of expression, although beautiful and poetically sweet, and a laudable goal to fight for, also hides a dark face, which perverts it and can end up being a drag, and even a condemnation for society. Should people say what comes to mind? Yes. What's more, being a douchebag, a fool or even a stupid (understood in its old-Greek form) shouldn't be a crime. Nothing that does not serve to curtail future action should be. In addition, what is the use of freedom of expression but there is no freedom of conscience or development of critical thinking?. What is the need of having thousands of people, exercising their right to freedom of expression, if all they do is to repeat a mantra?... If there is no prior reflection, consensus and capacity for self-criticism, freedom of expression can be like the effect of a boomerang. You can use it in your favour, but it will always be used against you. That means that the "noise" increases and the few voices that sometimes detail the visible paths where we should move forward, end up being diluted between murmurs, generally disqualifying and with little or nothing culturally and educationally, to contribute. Sometimes the "victim" is not who is said to be offended, but the rest of the Society, for allowing an individual to feel offended by such stupidity. The lack of freedom of expression is fought. And the excess, too. It is precisely in the second where you can find a much more appropriate window to develop reason and individual and collective thinking, critical and self-regulating. Precisely, so that this freedom and its form of expression, in itself, is extended. And where before there was no or vice versa. Finally, just as there is the right to "say what one wants," which many people have recently used to exercise their mediocrity in public, there should also be the right to "shut up when you want" fade away, stay and live another way of life. And to be able to include, among other measures and freedoms to take advantage of, the possibility of stopping to participate in slave systems, in spying methods through technologies and overpopulation, or in financing wars, corruption and suffering, for others to fill their pockets with money (even, in the name of their own freedom of expression) and the "common sense" (not conscience) of evil.

Parasitic system

[org: 18/02/2020] [rev: 18/02/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

The System can be defined, perfectly, as; a "hive-lobby" of parasites, created by and for parasites, whose only great qualities are; the enormous amount of parasites it harbors and the way in which it is perpetuated, through the use of parasitism.

Vindictive logic

[org: 18/02/2020] [rev: 22/03/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

I can go one by one, but for lack of time,
and because not everyone deserve the same time,
I will go against everyone, as if it was one by one.

Natural disorder of life

[org: 18/02/2020] [rev: 28/02/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

Nature prefers disorder by probability. That is why; "She" does not teach you how to live in order, but how to die in disorder.

It's only possible to really share...

[org: 18/02/2020] [rev: 22/03/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

If it is done from anonymity. Everything else is a dress for the ego and sometimes, even some kind of tax relief.

"Smart" = Spy

[org: 16/02/2020] [rev: 16/02/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

SmartPhone = SpyPhone
SmartTV = SpyTV
SmartWatch = SpyWatch
SmartCity = SpyCity
SmartContract = SpyContract
SmartGym = SpyGym
SmartCar = SpyCar
SmartHome = SpyHome

As on the chess board...

[org: 08/02/2020] [rev: 08/02/2020] by psy [03c8.net]

"The King makes the squares around him vulnerable."

A note...

[org: 27/12/2019] [rev: 27/12/2019] by psy [03c8.net]

"Angry people, click more."

A cite...

[org: 07/07/2019] [rev: 08/07/2019] by psy [03c8.net]

"The only true desire behind a human is; to be able to govern his own life."


[org: 18/05/2019] [rev: 22/03/2019] by psy [03c8.net]

"When feudalist slavery was abolished, there was also an increase in social conflict. It is what abolish privileges has."

"The corrupt, fear us. The honest, support us. The heroic, join us."

[org: 07/05/2019] [rev: 22/03/2019] by psy [03c8.net]

..."Saving work to others... on the pragmatic but also on the more massive as possible survival plan... way"...

A list ordered about classical Anarchism:
  1. Each individual has jurisdiction over their own body
  2. Does not allow or justify aggressive and coercive authority in the conduct of relations between individuals
  3. Rejects the state as it is an inherently harmful institution that claims monopoly on the use of force
  4. Does not demand that the individual conform to society, rather than society should conform to the individual
  5. Acknowledges that each individual has the natural right to defend themselves, their community, and their justly acquired property from aggression
  6. Ensure tolerance of all peaceful voluntary exchanges between individuals, and acknowledges that theft, taxation, and expropriation are inherently aggressive
  7. Is not about chaos but rather the absence of the state and centralised political authority

"Basic and historical foundations, principles and schools of Anarchism"

[org: 24/11/2019] [rev: 25/11/2019] by psy [03c8.net]

..."In a summarized way"...

Unlike other economic or political systems, such as Socialism, or Monarchy, Anarchism is not a static social system, or a doctrine, but rather, it is a theoretical cardinal point, a direction to focus on the advances of society... Anarchism is postulated in a definite way, at the time of the Enlightenment (17th century). In the "Discourse on Inequality", Jean-Jacques Rousseau, criticizes the institutions that allow the powerful to subdue to the weak, especially the Monarchy and the clergy. At the same time, Immanuel Kant, defines the concept of Freedom as; "a basic condition to acquire maturity". Therefore, we can explain why society is (and is being) "infantilized", mainly, because it has not been able to develop in Freedom (also, because it is more easily manipulated)... Alexander Von Humboldt, considers that such development is not possible due to compulsory work, that is, that which is necessary to perform in order to survive, but is not part of the worker's ambitions. That is, all work that does not come from an individual desire that drives it; "With Freedom as a condition, every peasant can rise to an artist, love his work, improve it with his creativity and that will cultivate his intellect and exalt his pleasure." Therefore, we can say that the direction of the theoretical cardinal point is Freedom. According to Noam Chomsky, the ideals of Anarchism have been "perverted", to justify Liberalism and by definition, Capitalism. In fact, the Liberals used Anarchism to repeal the power of the Aristocracy, which at that time, even allowed slavery or caste systems. With the excuse of freedom of entrepreneurship, although social rights improved, then other types of oppression were put into practice through work. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon considered that "while the means of production were in private hands, the exploitation of the weak by the strong would persist." In his book "The Conquest of Bread", Piotr Kropotkin explains how Capitalism thrives thanks to poverty and exploitation and it is convenient for it to continue to exist... Think of two equal human beings, but one has inherited some land and the other has not. The owner of the land, can offer work to those who do not have it, who have no choice but to accept for eating/survival. It happens that, the owner of the land, can sell the products that his workers produce, in addition to keep possesing the land in exchange for offering a salary to the worker, who being intangible goods, need to be exchanged for goods and therefore, act as a debt unless they are changed as soon as possible. This is how the accumulation of wealth occurs and therefore, inequality. And that is why Anarchism is against the accumulation of capital. Precisely this same conclusion is shared, both from Marxism, and from Anarchism. But, while the Socialists like Lenin, thought that the means of production should be controlled by the government, the anarchists like Bakunin, insisted that the same organized workers were the ones who should have the land, the tools and the factories... Anarchism also seeks to get away from dogmatism (for example, Communism), which is why even Pierre-Joseph Proudhon wrote to Karl Marx: "Let's not become leaders of a new religion"... Emma Goldman, one of the mothers of the Anarcha-Feminisms, were very disappointed with the revolution that the Marxists were carrying out and wrote the book: "My Disillusionment in Russia", where she explained how in the end, if the Nation-State controlled the means of production, the workers continued being alienated... We can say that: "An Anarchist is a Socialist who wants to abolish all unfair hierarchy and all forms of domination," that is why, anarchists believe that the social organization must get rid of the Nation-State, since precisely, it is an unfair form of social domination... As a rule, Anarchism believes in Democracy, but distrusts the elections, since, if the people who vote do not have all the information, ballot boxes and votes, only benefit the rich and the powerful. Mikhail Bakunin: "Representative democracy, instead of being a guarantee for the people, helps perpetuate an 'Aristocracy' in power"... According to Leo Volin; "Anarchism is not only about chaos, but about an order that is not imposed by force and from above, but through cooperation, in a free and social way, but above all, built from below"... That is, the anarchists believe that people should not be at the service of the Nation-State, but that the Nation-State should be the people themselves... In general, the ideas of Anarchism are considered "radical", both by capitalists and by socialists, as they seek dismantle all power structures, all imposed hierarchy, including those that Liberalism considers "good", such as wage labor. Or also, because Anarchism makes use of direct action, mainly as a form of propaganda, but also, to demonstrate that it is still possible to bend the power structures... In order to not enter into contradictions, anarchists are not organized through political parties, it is therefore that anarchists have to use all means outside the system to be able to make their ideas progress in a pragmatic way... As for example currently, "hacktivism" or strikes and boycotts... Finally, there are those who consider Anarchism as a utopia and in a certain way, it is so, since for it to work, it is necessary that people respect the order coming from the inside of the individual rather than viceversa, as is the case today. That is, for Anarchism to be tested, a radical global change and an enormous effort to educate and cultivate the mind and critical thinking are needed...

The principles of Anarchism could be summed up in:
  • Solidarity
  • Cooperation
  • Equity
  • Justice
  • Freedom
And the schools of Anarchism in:
  • Mutualist (Anarcho-Mutualism)
  • Trade Unionist (Anarcho-Unionismm)
  • Collectivist (Anarcho-Collectivist)
  • Feminist (Anarcha-Feminism)
  • Economist (Anarcho-Capitalists)
  • Green (Anarcho-Ecologism)

In modern Democracy, the most effective way to vote is...

[org: 11/11/2019] [rev: 14/11/2019] by psy [03c8.net]

..."Not having a bank account."

What happens to Nationalism?

[org: 14/11/2019] [rev: 15/11/2019] by psy [03c8.net]

..."From an allegorical point of view"...

Imagine that your mind is like a butterfly, that wants to fly and expand, in order to grow. In the beginning, the ideas and reasons that Nationalism gives, can act like a fresh wind that drives us to know a little more about all things, our closest environment, our language, our people ... However, it comes a moment when it becomes a closed box. A place for the mind from which it is no longer possible to expand further. Nationalism (or state-nation concept), like physical borders, is a limited space. The idea of "state-nation", in itself, is nothing more than a simplistic idea of classifying and categorizing, probably, due to the fact that we do not have enough conscious time to know all the people on the planet. That is why we tend to group and create "tribes." However, the bio-genetic concept that unites us, printed and replicated in each of our cells, indicates that we are part of the same stuff. That we come from the same place. That is why, limiting the mind to an ideological concept such as that of the nation (even bypassing the tyranny that it implies as a system), does nothing but curb other expansive possibilities more interesting and surely more beneficial, both for the individual and for Humanity as a whole. Perhaps, people are confusing the concept of nation with the one of custom... Scientists have explained to us in a very simple way that our learning, from birth to adulthood, has different phases and that is influenced, in one way or another, by those ideas and experiences that we have go through. Moreover, at certain times, they can be decisive to form the "reason." That is why we try to implement educational policies adapted, not only to our own knowledge, but to the emotionality we have at the time of acquiring it. Tribalism, prior to the concept of Nationalism, is perhaps a more important feeling, especially in childhood, because it shows us what surround us, our people, our family, our food, our sports, etc., and makes us appropriate and be part, collectively, in some way, of all this, getting to prioritize it before anything else, simply, because it is more accessible than others or because we think it is part of our identity or DNA. These are, then, the walls of our box. It is true that Nationalism can be seen from the point of view of war, and therefore, it is an interesting tactic, but the history of civilizations has shown us that without cooperation, there is no possible evolution. That you cannot live in a bubble alien to the inclemency of destiny, to "markets", to people. You can survive for a while, but in the end, the slab of the "external" always ends up being heavier. Therefore, the concept of nation-state can be defined as a childish concept. Or belonging to a learning acquired during childhood or adolescence. Hence, we must understand Nationalism, and therefore, the concept of nation-state, as a limiter. A mechanism of social control. And there will be those who think that, it is much better to be controlled by people close to or similar to oneself, than by outside or outside people. I don't know, personally I think that; "I hope someone like me doesn't have to control me"... Nations are control methods based on fear and distraction. They are a way of diverting attention from mental, physical and spiritual (or common sense) problems, but above all, they are a way to silence reason. A flag, a symbol, are actually the wild cards that are used to divert attention from the only subject that should be important and around which our own social organization revolved; the survival of the species and its environment... I will try to explain it through a metaphor: Imagine that there is a cake cut into 6 pieces and that there are 5 people around it, all of them, representatives of a nation. In the beginning, everyone can take a piece in the same way and even a piece that they can save, dispose of or even negotiate what to do with it. At that time, when there is a surplus, one of the participants says that they should create a symbol to represent the cake, since everyone's best interest depends on it and therefore, think, debate and make politics around it. It seems like a good idea, says another participant, because that way we don't directly touch the cake (since it can get dirty, it can fall and we all lose the possibility of eating, etc.). Everyone, except one of the participants, agrees that from now on, the cake will be a concept of the mind called, the "big cookie." At that time, everyone begins to debate the concept, drawings and schemes are made to represent it, colors are put on, hymns are made, etc. and some begin to say that they "feel" the "cookie" as a more special part of themselves, for reasons such as that, milk, for example, that has served to make it, comes from a place. Others, on the other hand, say that they don't like the "cookie" very much, because they prefer other colors, their symbols are ugly and also avoid the attention of the piece that is free. Finally, the participant who does not want to participate in the symbols, also ends up talking about them, mainly, to try to give the original importance to the cake, not to the "cookie", especially because it was his position from the beginning. .. Well, with all this fuss, about the "cookie", in the end, it happens, that all participants, in one way or another, and as time goes by, end up forgetting the cake. What it was like, how they shared it at the beginning, what flavor it had. Even, they end up forgetting that the cake must be food in order to survive and begin to look for ways to eat through the "cookie". But this, being a concept of the mind, directly clashes with the logic and physics of reality. "As much as I draw a "cookie" on paper, in an employment contract, in a bank account and then I eat it, it doesn't look like the cake at all. And worst of all, it doesn't feed me". That is why hunger is always there, perpetually. Nationalism is the idea of dividing the cake into pieces and creating symbols to talk about them. And without a doubt, if don't become a supra-Nationalism, even if it is ideological, based on empathy and the fundamental strategic principle of survival that, "unity is strength," the only thing you get is that in the end nobody eats , or whoever does it, has to do it alone. And there is nothing sadder, than not being able to share the food with someone different. Or a good conversation. Or a game of chess. Or mathematics and music ... Concepts to which nations never come by themselves. It is the different people in the world who make them up. Nationalism tends to enclose the mind in a position that is too limited and easily manipulated, even from the force that generates fear (to be different, to resemble that of the outside ...) that inexorably derives to the mind wilting, confining it to the logic of manners and actually forgetting, precisely, the origin of your own being. Thus the mind withers. So the butterfly stops flying. Perhaps, if you are a conformist person, with having a limited cage in which to move, it is enough for you. But, what surely happens to you is that your wings will never have a beautiful and different color, since inside the box you cannot get light and you will never have a mutation that makes them change. Many other butterflies will stop looking at you, even because their vision will have changed, to be able to exclusively detect those with striking colors so to go fly with them. And there you will stay, with other butterflies just like you, even in the feeling of wanting to have better colors than the others. That is, in the end you will be alone, within loneliness. Much better to get carried away by the lack of borders, both physical and mental. Because we already know that: "without limits there is no control and without control, there will be no fear.". And because anyone who has traveled a little knows that the best way to do it (and to learn) is, precisely, without fear...

What happens with Capitalism?

[org: 18/05/2019] [rev: 10/08/2019] by psy [03c8.net]

..."Being very brief, without exposing pragmatic ideas, plans, actions, etc... and trying not to go too deeply into extensive debates, or that have already been exposed by others and in several ways... but rather, contributing to fundamental concepts and explaining the differences in some common errors"...

So, What happens with Capitalism?... With Capitalism happens that: "if something is -gratis- and it is not -libre/natural-, you are the product!". Also happens that: "there are only two possible role-players in this game, "slave" and "master", and another has already chosen before you"... From my point of view, there is an important argument when we talk about Capitalism that we shouldn't easily discard and is that: "to abolish Capitalism is not the end". At least, if we try to think about it, from the anarchist perspective and without falling into some common confussion, which is generally related with having only access to the theory and the lack of practice. We can use a practical situation as an example. You are talking with a (neo)Liberal/Capitalist, who openly supports financial or mercantilist capitalism putting into risk important pilars of your own ideology, and suddenly you realize you feel really confused noticing that some of the practices are very similar. For example, the idea of a "free market". Moreover, both ideologies have in common that they do not want the figure of a centralized government. Here is where the debate is usually stopped and some people heads already exploded, normally falling into the fallacy of thinking that: "opposed ideologies are finally equal". I think that nobody clearly says, at least from the anarchist perspective that, although we have apparently similar economic purposes and we can share some theories/practices with other ideologies, including the ones seemingly antagonistic, what differentiates us fundamentaly from them is the future plan we follow to achieve it. And of course, the methods used to achieve it. In fact, the Liberalism theory generally wants to remove the state so that it stops regulating minimum wages, controlling inflation, etc... ending the social and working regulations to protect the workers. Anarchists should take care about "only" wanting to remove the state, if the economic system used after that has no changed. Because then, the level of slavery generated by a purely technocratic system can be infinitely worst... There are people who do not differentiate a Liberal from an Anarcho-capitalist, however there are many differences. For example, although Anarcho-capitalists are also governed by the supply and demand law, in theory, they are willing to put in place mechanisms to avoid the concentration of wealth, since this generates hierarchies. It is rare, therefore, to see Anarcho-capitalists organizing themselves with the rigid structures "from top to bottom", with which the capitalists are usually organized. On the other hand, there are also from the schools of Anarchy, the Anarcho-collectivists, who use another form of Capitalism for their economic system, but in its more social version. Such as ones that try to share barter or surplus between the community, trying to provide similar development opportunities for each human being. These groups are those that generally promote a Universal Basic Income for each human being, in the case of the almost completion of the increasing automation process. Of course, they are in favor of executing interventionist policies, as opposed to free-market ideas. Therefore, they are practically opposed to Anarcho-capitalists, since they will try to impose as few control measures as possible on the flow of people, goods and services, except when strictly necessary to avoid situations of oligopoly or monopoly... In conclusion: "I think that upcoming Capitalism will be 'The Gamificated Global Society of Roles & Rules' which will probably be implemented using a more "Eco-" or more "Green-" justification, but Capitalism anyway. With the threat to become a much darker system for workers and where to loose freedoms we have already been fought for. As with earth's human overpopulation, that can imply another new system of slavery for every individual mind and body, in which the subsistence will look collective, but the struggle for survival will remain individual, as ever. So again, everything will change but to remain the same"...

What happens with Work?

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..."In the way of working"...

Work is part of life, an important experience for individuals and a possible efficient path for a hypothetical collective evolutionary survival plan, but it does not free/develop a human-sapiens, fully. At least, the work as it is understood today and the way it has evolved, as if it has evolved so far. It simply maintains and provides uncomfortable states for the body, the mind and our common sense. Because work involves to all of us. Work provides some bad habits that conditioning the entire existence. And then life becomes rougher. Sometimes, if there is a criterion in the investment of resources, your life may improve in some ways, even on a personal development way, but you will still have given your time to the project of others, which may not be useful for your will, if it has no sense for yourself or if it is not related with another larger collective plan that includes you at some point. Or even, if these projects go against yourself and yours. We live in the age of connected emotions. Including empathy. Time is the unique thing that should matter to a person before money. "Worker, citizen... is time to fight for your time". Something that can be translated as an objective and a meaning of life. With the responsibility that it has for those who deliver it, the fact of only having one. The work is something very serious.. And this may be interesting, this would be an ideal situation, I may belonging to the group is a fundamental feature of the human being. However, the cohesion of that group is based on something as weak as current employment system and all the bureaucracy that hides the conditions, rights and obligations of every worker. You lose an energy, an impulse, that starts from the inside and that the hackers know well what I mean, that makes us advance in a somewhat special way and in many occasions, with an intellectual development in accordance with the data and projects in which we are usually involved. Companies strive to reach these situations, promoting tasks and group situations and seeking optimal harmony between people, through their human resources offices. And it is usually when governments participate with their dark projects, that everything becomes a nightmare for the humble worker. It is precisely in certain emotional deceptions, where the idea of the joint project is diluted, perhaps even with an interesting purpose for Humanity, the rest of species, the planet, etc... Sometimes, with saying that it is about the human condition, it seems that the problems are diluted, but it is not so. They make them bigger. Something that does not abound. But even if this happened, even so, the individual will not find full self-relation, which satisfies the inner fire that every human being carries, even from birth: to explore, play, learn and know. The real human condition... In the chain of the current working system, several of these emotional and philosophical links are lost. And these are fundamental for the happiness of the individual. So, only the perpetual agony remains with the thought that there is no other way to escape than working. This thought, is a clamp for the mind, that comes to collapse or even to disconnect the matter of their being, being therefore alienated. And the result is that ordinary people end up acting like passive workers subjected to perpetual suffering, being victims and executioners, since they collaborate directly and indirectly, to maintain a model of collective development that puts into practice a modern system of slavery. One who has multiple heads and exploits old selfish background theories and that only provides a survival plan for a few. Or some even not even that, since they are content to have a few coins to hug when the ship sinks. There are people who is feeding the darkest places of the human being and being part of the problem and not of the solution. I hope they can change their destiny, soon!. It is a pity what happens with humanity at the beginning of this century. A large part is doing useless work or that can be simply replaced. And another, in addition, putting at risk his life and that of his loved ones. It's terrible!. We walk towards extinction on earth, while we seek to conquer other worlds, so that it may provide a few the possibility of escape. It is a selfish plan. Although evolutionarily fits. As it happens with what was explained above, it will carry an immense burden of responsibility, where new, forgetfulness will be the solution and restless minds, who discover it. But we still go so badly. We have reduced as Humanity, some parameters of poverty and mortality, drastically. But still, we know that we are capable of doing better and we still do not do it. A lot of things can change from one day to the next. That is the direction in which we must work. These are the processes that should be speed-up. Whether as a hobby, professionally, etc. If you can earn your daily bread and point to the right side, you'll see how it changes up to taste. A delight!. But until then, work less and more slowly for some and start to contribute by working on the development of the others ways. The change does not have to be drastic, unless you're a mountain climber or you like extreme emotions... The boycott may be not deliver your project on time, arrive late to places, delay money. And of course, do not accept unacceptable contracts. Always keeps the dignity. Even, use it as a tool. Claim your individuality, through the collective and protect both of them. Sometimes, before to go to a collective demonstration, it is necessary to make 2 or 3 individual demonstrations at home. Connect the places of work, of struggle, of ideas... There is work to spare. It is a matter of changing the prism in which main goal: perpetual profit is focused. You see it?. And if the bread does not arrive, we will see where it is stuck and unclog it, quickly!. The work is not the end. But neither the means. May work be that which we abolish. What the machines knew how to do. That human beings knew how to govern. The greatest achievement of Humanity, past the ancient era. A new era really begins, when the next day you do not have to work and you can have, assured, a personal and collective growth space, well managed and safe. But there is no magical life. These words do not work. And it may even be a utopia to even think about it. But, I believe that the basic idea on the question of work, would be to answer the question: Do we work in the right direction, towards the just and correct end?. Do I do something, on an individual level, in the same direction?. While it is true is that the work may not reveal the meaning of life, nor save us at the last minute through the clemency of some God. It may serve as a focusable tool, collectively and individually, towards wiser objectives, being in operation as it is. Maybe we do not have to unmake everything, but redirect/reproject/reinvent it and, therefore, this will save us preciously, work. I mean, to exploit it on a most efficient way for a more inclusive collective survival plan. In any case, in a pragmatic way and although it sounds paradoxical, in the epoch in which we live, it's time to work. But being the priority you and the people you love. And if you are not for yourself, or you can fall easily on egoistic or narcissistic conditions, or even you do not have people to love, which is a really sad situation and I am so sorry, at least do it for this precious planet that has allowed us to know each other. And if you're crazy do it even for me, but please, do not try to give me more work than I already have because a good example for a path when talking about the work is working, but also saving work to others. Cheer up!...

What about the Existence?

[org: 08/08/2019] [rev: 09/08/2019] by psy [03c8.net]

..."From the point of view of knowledge... and nothing else"...

What is the point of trying to explain everything?. Well, in the beginning, it is interesting for Humanity, as a whole, to follow this strategy, especially, because being so dependent on its environment, knowing is vital. Can we explain everything? I do not think so. If our large-scale environment, for example, the Universe, is how it seems it is, there are many events that are "lost" to our time and our spatial possibility, and therefore to be interpreted by us. We perceive its consequences or deduce its existence. We even simulate it. But there are turning points, where you get to the next state, and nothing else... it is just a new state of conditions and the beginning of more questions. "I know that I know nothing," it's still a great expression, to whose nuance you can add, "I just know that, on certain issues, I won't know anything"... And I say, Humanity, as a whole, because if we were dedicated to fully sharing knowledge and not to compete, or to fight, constantly, our legacy would be stronger and also our abilities to solve even greater mysteries. However, the socratic paradox seems perpetual and some people only see the common enemy as the only remedy before extinction... But if we know nothing, why then keep looking?. Because even so, doing it allows us to move forward in time, but also in space. If we train a cultured, critical, supportive and good-feeling Humanity, it is likely that they (and maybe we) can face future challenges much better. Also, whether it's get or not, at least there will be memories, in the form of energy and information, that our species tried bravely. Well, assuming that the Universe will not do a reset from time to time. That would be, on the other hand, the triumph of Nihilism. Who knows, maybe another Humanity, can access those files, and even get freed. This seems a better reason to be proud, than a flag, a skin color, a condition or any other symbol built to silence the most existential doubts. Poor uncultured mind, that although "happier" than the cultivated mind, its fear of destiny is immensely greater. Educate yourself, even to fight fear, and ignorance, by itself, will disappear...

What happens with Reality?

[org: 08/07/2019] [rev: 09/08/2019] by psy [03c8.net]

..."From a quantum physics perspective"...

If there is entropy, explained as the natural tendency towards disorder, but there is also the possibility to reverse the arrow of time, as quantum physics suggest, then there should be entropy towards the past. That means that in theory, we should perceive states of disorder also towards the past. However, our psychological and biological perception indicates only the disorder exclusively in one direction (the so called "future"). This could mean that the arrow of time is not fulfilled, or that the theory of entropy (S=k.logW) has still mysteries to solve... But if the arrow of time can work in both directions, that is, that reality can be rewound, just as it is advance (like a film), but we have the perception of progressive time then, there must therefore be some kind of "regulator/rule/etc.". Perhaps, it is close to the properties of light (maybe, in the same way that a hologram works on a mirror, whose reality, becomes a kind of "shadow theater"). Or hidden into the gravity (maybe close to current theories about wormholes, or other theories, like for example, the existence of a "natural" switch that allows to "on/off" gravity properties, for example, according to the demand of the equilibrium of the whole system). These regulators could maybe allow to "balance" space-time, over something static (not a line in movement). A really "now", or momentum, or "happening", but whose process does not interfere in the whole system, almost to our current present perception (so changes are done in another dimension/s). That means that the reality that we are percieving is just a reflection and it works like a mirror. Therefore, we can only be aware of the symptoms of reality and not of its cause or origin. It would be like holding a spoon in your hand and shaking it vigorously. That very effect, I believe, defines the vibration of space-time that explains some important concepts about "reality". We can perceive the spoon and its movement, even measure its mass, its acceleration, its speed, etc, but we can not see the origin of its movement. A "hand" that really waves it. The real "Big Bang"... Therefore, my conclusion is as follows: "The excess energy that emerges from entropy is compensated by the energy that constantly moves nature, based on the fact that it is always in continuous energy functioning. And that, the surplus of entropic energy of everything, is what really expands the universe. I can also say that, according to the behavior of atoms in the "half-life" process, the probability of existence of a fifth dimension is quite high. A receiving or mirror-shaped dimension, which allows the exchange of energy and information, towards the ones currently discovered"...

What is the Consciousness?

[org: 01/12/2019] [rev: 03/12/2019] by psy [03c8.net]

... "From an explanatory point of view" ...

Consciousness can be described as; a heterogeneous and ubiquitous supra-real entity, which can be divide itself and fold on itself, as well as, expand or extend itself, at various speeds, which has no beginning, no end, although it experiences mutations that define past, present and future states, and that can be contained despite being in everything, including the barriers that contain it ... From the mechanistic perspective, we can say that consciousness; It has a gear. At least one that helps us to, from one of its specific points, the one that unites us as human beings, to try to model a moderately understandable scheme over the others, based on the fact that, consciousness is unlimited, but the fraction of consciousness that we experience as human beings is not. Therefore, as a being of limited consciousness (at least from the basis and generally, ignoring that it can be expanded to the unlimited), trying to apply some abstract reverse engineering and own experience acquired to at least, obtain a clear and scientific-phylosophic approach to the fractional limits of consciousness. To simplify; Consciousness is one, which is composed of many, and it is not always the same, despite being eternally the same. When we use the term "human being", in which, we speak of all its "being" in a logical and context-specific assumption, we include all the organisms and tissues that compose it, from your most biological layer, to the matrices of abstract perception or even the emotions. Thus, we speak of being in its entirety, including the temporary transition of its continent, the “human body” and its level of conscious experience, that remains as a logically accessible part of the acquired consciousness . This results in a system of categorization of concepts, very typical of our being, which gives us different "levels", although they are not practiced on any table. That is to say, they are levels that are reached or not and where there is no "bottom" and "top", nor a "left" or "right", since, consciousness expands in all directions equally along with the construction of space-time, as another level of human descriptive abstraction, in parallel and in accordance with the laws of Nature. That is, consciousness is part of evolution, and part of the natural plan, since, what we understand as evolution, is nothing more than the narrative result of the passage of time, according to the fraction of consciousness to which every human being has access, to try to justify this same knowledge, which allows us to continue raising the question itself, with the passing of time and generation after generation. We can say that, conciousness has all the answers, but still keep asking to itself all the questions, completing all the possible answers and even without the need that there is a question or an express reason to ask. Consciousness dwells in everything, although the fraction of which we are aware in the plane we are living is limited. Limits that do not know that controls and that have been imposed by the immediate supra-conscience to it or others or ultimately, by the only that really exists. Limits that, in the same way, it handles over those immediately below to it. There is, therefore, a chain of consciousness, which are intertwined and that define each perceptual level, according to their being. That is to say, it is not the same, a divine consciousness (to put a name), than a human one, than that of a dog, although all are participants in it. Their conscious levels are encapsulated in the roles that define them, within the natural plan of evolution, as of those other higher consciences that, in a fractal way and without beginning, or end, handle these limits, as do all the others...

How to use the Truth?

[org: 04/05/2019] [rev: 19/05/2019] by psy [03c8.net]

..."In the age of lies and fake news"...

Imagine that you could change the value of things. Suddenly, things for which you have paid £10, its real value is actually 2000 years. Try to hold that power for a while. Use your lateral thinking ability. Imagine that you can base what you have on other parameters different from their cost in the market, for example, others looking at conditions more related to the environmental balance. Use the ecological footprint for this mental game. Or the cost in time. Now, look around you. Imagine that you change that prism. What do you have?. Now, imagine that everyone does it. What do you see?. Do you have a plan for when you have fulfilled your plan?... The objects are what we project that we want them to be. An object is, but it can also be. It is whoever perceives the object that projects its function. Just as the Impressionists conceive art. A hammer is only a tool. And a tool grants a power. Power corrupts. Power has a cost. A responsibility. A hammer is worth its ecological footprint, plus the responsibility of whoever uses it and to use it. Now, think on weapons. Or the Internet. Or think in money, itself. Each object is a compendium of truths. The rest is a matter of learning to use them... "We are not anyone's tools. You are your own tool. The tool is not the end. And the truth but also the opposite of the truth, are just tools. The truth is not the end, but it is a way. No one governs the truth but some are closer than others. The truth is learned. A single truth can contain lies. If the truth does not exist, it governs the lie. The only truth is its non-existence. And, the objects always tell the truth"...

When "playing chess"...

[org: 30/05/2019] [rev: 18/06/2019] by psy [03c8.net]

..."A message for a Dalai Lama"...

Hi, mr. D. Lama. I am writing you because I think your religion is the one that has some sense from a mathematical perspective. Also, because this is a message for the future and probably other religions will be hardly relevant at that time, hehe... Look, when I am compassionate while "playing chess" with people I do not know, at least when we start playing, if at some point the situation becomes against me, nobody accepts draw as a worthy ending, with its consequent learning... At least, during the finite and limited number of times I have interacted with others being compassionate, you know, when playing this game. All of them took advantage of the occasion and nobody acted, for example, in the same way I did in first place, remembering to return compassion, with compassion. Rebooting the "compassion's marker" implied in the game. Isn't this a "universal rule", or something already given by "common sense"?. It would be interesting if that were so, because we all have the opportunity to be compassionate and, although it can be hard for our ego to admit, surely someone has been compassionate to us at some point. On the contrary, it does not seem nobody remembers that my reward for allowing a mistake was to have been brave enough to not end one of the main chess pieces in the regular way. That implies taking advantages and being more destructive, yes, but also structuring better the already written endgame, so to be quicker and painless as possible... There are some rules and I accept them as long as my opponent (at the board level, certainly someone like you understands the underlying metaphor) does too. The rules are prior to my existence, so I accept them because they can suit and benefit or protect an individual life developed in rough circumstances, and chess allows to be in an equal footing situation to start taking decisions. Also because sometimes there is no choice but to play. Neither the option to change the rules. Because of that, I think that it will always be people ready to take advantage of those who please, even for pleasure... In theory, it seems an egalitarian way to start. Although in practice, as in other disciplines, it's all about practicing, carefully. That's why silence, or some interesting sounds or music, are so important: "to not lose the attention on your practices"... And you know, you cannot be compassionate at the chess board level, because only a king can stand, remember, as a result of the rules... Maybe a king, would knew when to be compassionate, and would hurt his own people if that were necessary for the good of the most, including the opponent. Maybe the same king would need to be a tyrant king as well, knowing when to be one, and he would help his people until the end, even if that means ferocity with the opponent. What good is compassion, without a principle of resilience and a good background to withstand the blows?. Do you think that people will be ready for that at some point or in some way?. It is not better to "hit first" and act compassionately against an already defeated opponent?... "All power carries a great responsibility". If there was something or a place in the mind where to give an account. But, if you do not have it, what is left?. "Just words, sir"... I cannot imagine you, for example, questioning that if the end is already written, what is the point of playing chess?. You know, it can be, for example, try to learn not to be defeated. Or just try surviving the rules. On that way, I think that I have found a temporally method to have a bit of temporally peace: "Block everything, so nobody can move without sacrificing something". And again, the roulette of compassion, takes us to the beginning. Another possible end is to finish with all pieces on the board, including mine. In this way, at the end no one can act on the other and the game remains in tie. I imagine that a king can feel justice before something like that. Can you imagine what a pawn thinks?. What happens when I'm a pawn?. Well, I guess that a pawn tries to imagine that belongs to something bigger and obtains some benefit from it. It forgets therefore the responsibility of the king, and therefore, the power that a king has. Can be compassionate a pawn with a wrong king?. And with another pawn?. Can you imagine what a king thinks?. What happens when I'm that king?. For example, I will maybe feel compassionate again in the next game, and I won't make an "innocent" paying for the results of the previous game removing compassion from my tactics. At least, if I have the possibility to play another game. But, what happens if I haven't that possibility, again?. Strange "game" this chess, isn't it?...

What means 'ethics' for you?

[org: 16/05/2019] [rev: 17/05/2019] by psy [03c8.net]

..."After Niestzche... without falling into the Nihilism of some schools from classical Anarchism... and being close to the reciever as much as possible"...

Once, at the end of a conference on computer security... at a University in Catalonia, and with the contextual presence of some famous antivirus software companies and other security IT related companies, even sharing the stage, in which they disguise some of their products as techniques or science and try to sell them to the rest of the scientifics-Community, sometimes including a subliminal marketing way... A talk which alluded to certain aspects of the "ethical hacking", questioning its use and how, including the term, has been appropriated, like other symbols and methodologies, from Anarcha/Hacker cultures and from other sub-cultures that have merged from them, or that have gone evolving in parallel to them, like for example, those movements directly related with Transhumanism/Cyboring, or some interesting Malthusianism dilemmas, or even several sci-fi distopic ideas, etc... A common trought in which a possible goal to reach by the governments and several companies, is not only pushing societies into keep a global slavery system going on, but also to build; "a non-directly scary but directly 'smart', apparently futuristic but with an old selfish background, unique point of view for all ideas, technologies and things". A system, for the mind. Ones with an unique rule that goes about only applying cosmetic changes and empty policies to society, every some time, so that "everything changes, but remains the same"... Including also, security industry business, in which for example, some companies are hiddenly selling software to governments and Military Departments from different countries, which is used to deploy massively surveillance systems on an efficient way, and sometimes even including a "defensive related argument" with the implementation that always has some kind of priority attached, of course, required by one of the multiple National Security Departments running, and probably in the form of a public message, that tries to justify a need of resources but using any interesting related task, as an excuse. And that excuse will be fundamentally based and focused into exploit several of the human primary emotional conditions, as for example, fear. So, simply saying that it is an important tool to be used on "war against terrorism" and that the best for the population, in that case, will be to sacrify some of their liberties to apparently have more security, it is done. An Orwellian system that always ends being used against the citizens, even that is paid by them from their taxes and that, from a pragmatic point of view, who never contributes to decrease some criminality statistics, or to increase some citizens safety perceptions markers, on the real life, almost for the poor. A methodology which is used against the citizens but also against possible subversive ideas generated and shared, for/by them. Something that is very typical of totalitarian regimes. And this is done by security companies or companies that contribute to maintain some levels of control but also for other IT related companies, as for example, those dedicated to social networks... Even some political parties, include terms like "hackathon", to attract the youngest, using the subversiveness with which the term had in the past, but that nowadays has nothing compared to the original fact... So, at the end and after answering some interesting questions about the software I had just presented with this particular ideas, at one point I told to one of the assitance that: "the ethics are like the asses, each one has his own". Perhaps, the most intelligent reader, believes that I was wrong and that in reality I was referring to morality. And no, although it is not the same, ethics, in theory, refers to individual politics and morality to the collective... Anarchism says: "Each individual has jurisdiction over their own body". So, from my point of view, ethics are based on emotions and these are directly related with the desire for a type of happiness and the human condition, itself. While the second, morality, which also changes with the years and in other levels of the main conception of what we understand as an individual, refers to accepted collective behavior. For example, during a long period of history, morality supported the burning of people accused of heresy, as public acts, something unthinkable today. Recall also, that according to Roman Law, the judicial system on which the judicial system of today is based, laws must conform to ethics. And my argument is that ethics are defined by ideas and that they all seek some kind of path, towards a certain concept of happiness. So for me, the feeling of happiness, is precisely what makes us all human beings, truly unique individuals. Of course, there are those who try to homogenize happiness, through lying or generating unnecessary needs, something that loves Consumerism because is one of the main engines of the capitalist economic utopia. One more of the layers that, together with the caste system or the aristocracy system, the laboring system and the justice system, that includes the political system and the fact of to vote, suppodesly in order to choose for those that can create laws..., make up, working togheter as a machinery, what we understand as the Establishment. Also we can include to the mass-media and the FUD/shock based doctrine that some are continously applying to the citizens, as another relevant internal part of this big monster, etc. I think it's important to try to understand that Capitalism is only one part of the whole system, but it is neither the only nor the fundamental one, almost in theoretical terms. This can also be translated as a message of proximity, in the open debate between Anarcho-capitalism and Anarcho-collectivism theories, since although both share the prefix Anarcho and come from anarchist schools, their main ideals are practically opposed... Therefore, a common good advice to practice ethics, including those related to the Hacker ethics, is: "...knowing how to share and learn, from the ideas of happiness that you have yourself but also from those that others have and trying to include them in your life, always questioning the cost of obtaining and maintaining that happiness, and having present the fact that supposes to keep an idea during time that includes a perpetual seek for an emotional state of the mind, it is a really confusing meaning of life and probably, a wrong path for a correct self-realization of any individual, if it takes long time"...

A reflexion...

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..."I think that"...

"I am not afraid of the doctrine of violence imposed by governments, companies, individuals... because I think that I have enough reasons and strategies to deactivate them, at least until they make a new update and I adapt myself and all the underlying mechanisms (related to: mind, common habits, ethics ...), to the new taxation. What really worries me, is the silence of the people who tolerate it, even passively, because their permanent madness escapes all reasoning. Sometimes I think to just hacking their minds or freeing them from the equation. In either case, they are treated as mere simplistic beings with semi-consciousness. I would even risk my freedom to defend their lives, although I might not mix too much with them. Yet, in its united strength is where the solution lies. A beautiful social paradox that makes the unjust prevail and evolve. I guess it is a matter of simply changing that. Don't you think?..."

A contact view...

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..."About myself"...

When some things start, others just finish. Change is the only constant. Almost, in this galaxy. And a tradition, can be a stick in the wheel of change. I feel myself anti-capitalist, anti-consumerist, anti-clasista, ecologist and even anarchist. And quite contrary to everything Anti-. I am aware of the language barriers and for that I need labels to put, hundreds, to give a more accurate perspective, not only about me but also about you and about all. We live in the society of labels that seek to have everything under control, because we are afraid of not knowing things. I know what the game is about. I've been watching it long time. I am a hacker. {Wake up!}. So it may not even be anything like that. Life is a mirror of confusion. And we must deal with some apparently perpetual contradictions. But just do not look at yourself. Or into others. Or even on me, which is the person I better know. The thing is try to not look too much. You have to know, like when you work with the silence, when to look and how. Same to speak. Time is the unique value on this game. No narcissism. Or a bit, but under constact work. As machismo. As sadness itself. Like every human condition. Life is a race of resistance. And although the end is tragic, it is worth participating. Go out and dance when you feel that is a need because life is also to enjoy. Sometimes I lie to protect myself from threats that do not exist. Paranoia can be silenced with a mixture of madness. Sometimes with drugs. But always with courage at the root. No Solipsism. From that, by the moment, I am pretty sure. Ideas and beliefs also change. You aren't alone, almost for me. I always try my best against the frontiers. The truth always ahead. Like the life. Like the love. {Stop!}. Now to speak and to contribute, it is a duty. Let's save almost something. Let's walk towards extinction with our heads held high, at least, saving the planet so that other forms of life can continue. Self-destruction but from a compassion perspective. And I am in several of its phases and other more experimental. I let myself be influenced, as I have also been an influence. And no, I do not say that I agree with anarchism, but I am an anarchist. And I feel proud, not only of being one, but of being able to say it openly to the world, with all the repressive consequences that this may have... From nowadays feminism (also called from "third wave") I have learned, although it seems a contradiction, that language is not so important. But the consciousness that has been generated from it, even if it has been incorrect. Behind every thought there is an emotion and so on. That the barrier is not overcome, putting others. That custom, is the enemy of evolution... Before, if he was an anarchist of purity, he was in communion, for that reason: "an anarchist never says he is, but rather a communion". "Look at me world, I am not in communion with anarchism. But I am an anarchist". The rules are to be put to the test, including those that govern the ideology. How good it is to read every day a little of everything and everything about something concrete. If you do it as something everyday, like someone who pisses in the garden to feel the flat nature, in an outburst to transgress, even, about something as natural and beneficial as it is. Like masturbation or menstruation. But including on that practices also to save water for the rest, for example... Equality. Responsible vital balance. I wish a man could shave his beard to another without feeling any blush. The brotherhood of the warrior. Let the routine be the maintenance of the body, the mind, the common sense and the house. "Children of Hades. It's time to depart Concordia in pieces". How to smile, regardless of the pain with which it is charged, for the benefit of Humanity... Before, I did not think it was relevant to say where it comes from. That it was a burden, of those that labeled you to a site, and that gave too much information to strangers. Now I have it clear. It is important to say it. The context. I'm here, because of my past. I am the sum of everything I went. I am my current self and my past self. But also I am my future self. I am all of them and at same time. I am my friends. And I am my family. And I never make a distinction between them. I do not use social networks too much, nor do I have a smartphone. Even, nor do I have a checking account in any bank. I have nothing with me and everything is close, but buried, hidden or well guarded. I have some solar panels to provide some energy to my non-legal place to life, which I call when the sun is on my smile: "sweet homelab". I am from the Basque Country as a placement reference. Specifically from Bilbao. Although I also owe my being to all the places I have gone through, I limit myself to giving a specific and important piece of information. I am international-list. But I understand that sometimes is needed to use nationalism as a temporal tactic for some kind of warfare. I still believe in Humanity... I was born, along with what is now the cradle of the "bread and circus" of my town, although converted to geriatric and whose name does justice, perhaps not very poetic, "Sacred Heart". I was born in the harsh period, with an open war, lasting, terrible and very very present in the streets, in the trains, in the looks. Between an oppressed people and a decadent and rancid empire. Among a group of scoundrels, prisoners of drugs and many times, no reason, and a people who did not understand certain extremes, certain peculiarities, histories and other emotional elements of the equation. And I was born into a traditional working class family. Where the male goes to look for resources and the female keeps the home and the pot, hot, sickly ordered and with a customary vision in the decoration. Even if they don't know how to love each other. Nothing out of the ordinary, being poor as I still am. I prefer to say that I am rich in other values. Although this cost me to be poor in real life. I do not believe that the middle class exists. As I do not think it is something to say that you are poor, mostly because the privileged society marker is defined by an imaginary, fiduciary and slave value as the currency and its international market. Once I believed that I was middle class, but luckily, I took the reins of my life, starting in squatting groups, with about 20 years old and while I was studying, the mind immediately eliminated it. How beautiful the experience, how it overcomes theory and practice together. It is so, far-sighted, as the enemy's comfort of reason. Let's go, free yourself, normalize it. Hack your mind!. There are no drugs, they are just addictions. Decontrol of the mind-body balance. Balance your being. Make it the routine. There is the right to self-destruction. Honor, if it is not free, is paid high in the spheres of honesty. That, whether or not they govern the existence of a plan, are good forms and Humanity, even though it sounds worn out, still needs values to rework. In the crisis of values, reuse more than recycle, combine rather than single out, add more than subtract and dispose more than snatch. Every offense involves a defense. And if there is violence, mud and our perversion, double will be the chimera and their heads, and the tombs to dig, but it will be done, as has always been done, until a glimpse of perception is observed. It is there, then, that the sovereignty that gives power, putrefied, surely has those heights, becomes a slab that anarchists will know how to discard, for the training that supposes to fight the hierarchies since they are born. And so it will be, distributed, encrypted in a preventive and federated way in your organization. Sustainable, or with assumed extinction. The advancement of the new era. And the devacle of our civilization. At least, as it is erected. I do not want the world to burn, because I love life and all the beings that populate the earth, including fossils or the unfortunate. But I am willing to destroy it in his name. What a vital paradox. I like to be a human... Thank you schools of anarchy for this: "No fear, no limits, no control". For that I fight against control. For that I try to bypass every limit I have. Because I don't want to feel fear, nevermove. One million of masks for all of you. Now I know that I am not alone...

Previous appointments ...

[org: 08/10/2019] [rev: 08/10/2019] by psy [03c8.net]

  • When something is -gratis/nonfree-, you are the product!.
  • The lie has real parts. The truth does not contemplate lies.
  • I prefer to live standing. Than die on my knees.
  • In the future all people will have their five minutes of privacy.
  • Electricity and water always use the paths of least resistance. It is no accident that we are made of those materials.
  • I like it when it smells like: wet earth, storm, hot soup, sea breeze, clay, clean sheet, opportunity, animal baby, incan-east ash and revolution.
  • The best thing about sleeping is; Know how to stop and get up.
  • The worst of death is; That doesn't smile at you.
  • If the lights go out, the shadows come on.
  • Reality does not allow anyone to look it in the eyes, so the reason for understanding it is not enough.
  • A revolution is a matter of attitudes, not skills.
  • Learn to live without technology, while it expands, for when everything is to live with technology and contract.
  • There are no known cases of minds that move objects, but there are millions of examples of objects that move minds.
  • Greed breaks the sack, and greed sews it with pieces of the soul.
  • Who watches the watchman? Ethics.
  • Question everything. And if at any time you don't, ask yourself why.
  • What is the simplest of Democracy? Use it against others.
  • The sky is reached by assault. To hell by invitation.
  • When the country is saved, reason is drowned.
  • Crazy love, hate rope.
  • Fear of evil. And even more, to goodness.
  • The worst nightmares are awake.
  • Who eats the lie is soaked in ignorance.
  • Having to work for a salary is not the solution, it is part of the problem.
  • Who despises life, appreciates death. Who appreciates life, maybe appreciate death or maybe not.
  • When killing is culture, ignorance is the only possible representative hymn.
  • The best path is made on foot.
  • Compulsive purchase, degenerative disease.
  • When you laugh at the politician, the banker laughs at you.
  • There is no worse vital strategy today, than to ignore spending on resources in the way of life, living precisely a way of life based on accumulating and consuming resources.
  • In a well structured organization, the rhythm of the group is marked by care.
  • The habit makes the monk and the routine perpetuates religion.
  • Do not bite the hand that feeds you and if you do, let it be to tear it off.
  • The tree always tells you what branches you can cut.
  • If space looks at us, time does not advance.
  • Sometimes when you think of a person, it is because that person is thinking of you.
  • Compassion is a virtue.
  • Honored people, respected people.
  • If the system disconnects you from nature, it is because nature disconnects you from the system.
  • Nature generates its own technology. It repairs itself. It does not use patents. Its content is Public Domain. And works.
  • They bark later, they don't wear a muzzle.
  • Efficiency is to light the fire by blowing the coals of the previous day.
  • Capitalism offers you what you want, not what you need.
  • Who knows how to die, knows how to live.
  • Sometimes half truth serves as a double lie.
  • Hot water relaxes the mind. Cold water enhances courage.
  • Better poor without working, than poor working.
  • Societies change in a day, when you face and meanwhile, you live on the cross.
  • Spit the emperor for every coin he offers you, only then will he understand who is more powerful of the two.
  • Capitalism creates the present, destroying the future.
  • In hell they staple your mouth to avoid seeing you smile.
  • If I am not in your reality, I will be in your dreams. But I am in your dreams, it is because I have returned to your reality.
  • Wealth lives in the heart. The poverty in the soul.
  • Studies can rid you of many things, except being an idiot.
  • All technologies created by capital, sustain some kind of hierarchy.
  • There are two values ​​that always bristle my skin: dignity and loyalty.
  • In the absence of culture, they are all labels.
  • The style is born of the limits.
  • I am not what you find, when I am what you are looking for.
  • The question is not when, the question is how.
  • I have no hope in the future, the future is chaos. I have all hope in the future, the future is chaos.
  • The only way to deal with a world without freedom, is to become so free that your mere existence, be an act in itself of freedom.
  • There is no truth, without reason.
  • Nothing happens by chance. Everything has a material cause.
  • Everything is impossible. Nothing is impossible.
  • Add and not subtract.
  • The important thing is to never stop asking questions.
  • Any past tense, I ignored the present, looking at the future.
  • It's something, and more than anything, but alone, if it helps.
  • An attitude is worth a thousand words, If it becomes a fact.
  • Any evidence is relative to a relative context.
  • Technology broadens the senses, but it is still the brain that decides.
  • Identity must mutate to the rhythm of memory, but without waiting for it.
  • We breathe to live. We breathe to die.
  • The surprise factor helps to conquer if it remains, and to maintain, if conquered.
  • You cannot defeat an adversary that you cannot see. Victory is not having adversaries.
  • First space, then time. And after cause and effect, a universe is generated.
  • It is easy to locate a single identity, as it is to locate none. The secret is in handling many.
  • Worth it or not, I plan to resurrect in each conscience.
  • In the face of adversity, calm. Before the calm, restlessness.
  • Visibility is contrary to autonomy, except when it must be agreed.
  • Mood is a bastion and perseverance is the tool.
  • The universe sounds and life listens.
  • There is no freedom of expression, but there is freedom of thought.
  • A message in a bottle can cross an ocean, if even the cap resists to its destination.
  • The uniqueness of technology includes dystopia.
  • Be aware, Be balanced, Be healthy, Be happy.
  • Emotional reasoning.
  • Balance ignorance to support emotion.
  • Inert shadows arise from his indecision, windmills that turn to the astonishment of the passerby, hard times to migrate from reason, it is their whispers, which feed my mind, and his words, the ones that disturb my heart.
  • Light of lights that shine and shine, Ténue is useless, if you cast empty hope, and not turned off either, because it means that there is nothing left. Glitter of glitters that shine as bright, You have no use, if you project what you are not, and splendid either, because it means there is nothing left.
  • Clear are the days, when the darkness seems clearer.
  • I will not become part of your cage. Do not become part of mine.