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No words...

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A cite...

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..."In fact"...

"The only true desire behind a human is; to be able to govern his own life."


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..."In summary"...

"When feudalist slavery was abolished, there was also an increase in social conflictivity. It is what has to abolish privileges."

"The corrupt, fear us. The honest, support us. The heroic, join us."

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..."In the path of saving work to others... on the pragmatic but also on the more massive as possible survival plan... way"...

A list ordered about classical Anarchism:
  1. Each individual has jurisdiction over their own body
  2. Does not permit or justify aggresively coercive authority in the conduct of relations between individuals
  3. Rejects the state as it is an inherently harmful institution that claims monopoly on the use of force
  4. Does not demand that the individual conform to society, rather than society should conform to the individual
  5. Acknowledges that each individual has the natural right to defend themselves, their community, and their justly acquired property from aggression
  6. Ensure tolerance of all peaceful voluntary exchanges between individuals, and acknowledges that theft, taxation, and expropiation are inherently aggresive
  7. Is not about chaos but rather the absence of the state and centralised political authority

What about the Existence?

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..."From the point of view of knowledge... and nothing else"...

What is the point of trying to explain everything?. Well, in the beginning, it is interesting for Humanity, as a whole, to follow this strategy, especially, because being so dependent on its environment, knowing is vital. Can we explain everything? I do not think so. If our large-scale environment, for example, the Universe, is how it seems it is, there are many events that are "lost" to our time and our spatial possibility, and therefore to be interpreted by us. We perceive its consequences or deduce its existence. We even simulate it. But there are turning points, where you get to the next state, and nothing else... it is just a new state of conditions and the beginning of more questions. "I know that I know nothing," it's still a great expression, to whose nuance you can add, "I just know that, on certain issues, I won't know anything"... And I say, Humanity, as a whole, because if we were dedicated to fully sharing knowledge and not to compete, or to fight, constantly, our legacy would be stronger and also our abilities to solve even greater mysteries. However, the socratic paradox seems perpetual and some people only see the common enemy as the only remedy before extinction... But if we know nothing, why then keep looking?. Because even so, doing it allows us to move forward in time, but also in space. If we train a cultured, critical, supportive and good-feeling Humanity, it is likely that they (and maybe we) can face future challenges much better. Also, whether it's get or not, at least there will be memories, in the form of energy and information, that our species tried bravely. Well, assuming that the Universe will not do a reset fro time to time. That would be, on the other hand, the triumph of Nihilism. Who knows, maybe another Humanity, can access those files, and even get freed. This seems a better reason to be proud, than a flag, a skin color, a condition or any other symbol built to silence the most existential doubts. Poor uncultured mind, that although "happier" than the cultivated mind, its fear of destiny is immensely greater. Educate yourself, even to fight fear, and ignorance, by itself, will disappear...

What happens with Reality?

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..."From a quantum physics perspective"...

If there is entropy, explained as the natural tendency towards disorder, but there is also the possibility to reverse the arrow of time, as quantum physics suggest, then there should be entropy towards the past. That means that in theory, we should perceive states of disorder also towards the past. However, our psychological and biological perception indicates only the disorder exclusively in one direction (the so called "future"). This could mean that the arrow of time is not fulfilled, or that the theory of entropy (S=k.logW) has still mysteries to solve... But if the arrow of time can work in both directions, that is, that reality can be rewound, just as it is advance (like a film), but we have the perception of progressive time then, there must therefore be some kind of "regulator/rule/etc.". Perhaps, it is close to the properties of light (maybe, in the same way that a hologram works on a mirror, whose reality, becomes a kind of "shadow theater"). Or hidden into the gravity (maybe close to current theories about wormholes, or other theories, like for example, the existence of a "natural" switch that allows to "on/off" gravity properties, for example, according to the demand of the equilibrium of the whole system). These regulators could maybe allow to "balance" space-time, over something static (not a line in movement). A really "now", or momentum, or "happening", but whose process does not interfere in the whole system, almost to our current present perception (so changes are done in another dimension/s). That means that the reality that we are percieving is just a reflection and it works like a mirror. Therefore, we can only be aware of the symptoms of reality and not of its cause or origin. It would be like holding a spoon in your hand and shaking it vigorously. That very effect, I believe, defines the vibration of space-time that explains some important concepts about "reality". We can perceive the spoon and its movement, even measure its mass, its acceleration, its speed, etc, but we can not see the origin of its movement. A "hand" that really waves it. The real "Big Bang"... Therefore, my conclusion is as follows: "The excess energy that emerges from entropy is compensated by the energy that constantly moves nature, based on the fact that it is always in continuous energy functioning. And that, the surplus of entropic energy of everything, is what really expands the universe. I can also say that, according to the behavior of atoms in the "half-life" process, the probability of existence of a fifth dimension is quite high. A receiving or mirror-shaped dimension, which allows the exchange of energy and information, towards the ones currently discovered"...

How to use the Truth?

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..."In the age of lies and fake news"...

Imagine that you could change the value of things. Suddenly, things for which you have paid £10, its real value is actually 2000 years. Try to hold that power for a while. Use your lateral thinking ability. Imagine that you can base what you have on other parameters different from their cost in the market, for example, others looking at conditions more related to the environmental balance. Use the ecological footprint for this mental game. Or the cost in time. Now, look around you. Imagine that you change that prism. What do you have?. Now, imagine that everyone does it. What do you see?. Do you have a plan for when you have fulfilled your plan?... The objects are what we project that we want them to be. An object is, but it can also be. It is whoever perceives the object that projects its function. Just as the Impressionists conceive art. A hammer is only a tool. And a tool grants a power. Power corrupts. Power has a cost. A responsibility. A hammer is worth its ecological footprint, plus the responsibility of whoever uses it and to use it. Now, think on weapons. Or the Internet. Or think in money, itself. Each object is a compendium of truths. The rest is a matter of learning to use them... "We are not anyone's tools. You are your own tool. The tool is not the end. And the truth but also the opposite of the truth, are just tools. The truth is not the end, but it is a way. No one governs the truth but some are closer than others. The truth is learned. A single truth can contain lies. If the truth does not exist, it governs the lie. The only truth is its non-existence. And, the objects always tell the truth"...

What happens with Capitalism?

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..."Being very brief, without exposing pragmatic ideas, plans, actions, etc... and trying not to go too deeply into extensive debates, or that have already been exposed by others and in several ways... but rather, contributing to fundamental concepts and explaining the differences in some common errors"...

So, What happens with Capitalism?... With Capitalism happens that: "if something is -gratis- and it is not -libre/natural-, you are the product!". Also happens that: "there are only two possible role-players in this game, "slave" and "master", and another has already chosen before you"... From my point of view, there is an important argument when we talk about Capitalism that we shouldn't easily discard and is that: "to abolish Capitalism is not the end". At least, if we try to think about it, from the anarchist perspective and without falling into some common confussion, which is generally related with having only access to the theory and the lack of practice. We can use a practical situation as an example. You are talking with a (neo)Liberal/Capitalist, who openly supports financial or mercantilist capitalism putting into risk important pilars of your own ideology, and suddenly you realize you feel really confused noticing that some of the practices are very similar. For example, the idea of a "free market". Moreover, both ideologies have in common that they do not want the figure of a centralized government. Here is where the debate is usually stopped and some people heads already exploded, normally falling into the fallacy of thinking that: "opposed ideologies are finally equal". I think that nobody clearly says, at least from the anarchist perspective that, although we have apparently similar economic purposes and we can share some theories/practices with other ideologies, including the ones seemingly antagonistic, what differentiates us fundamentaly from them is the future plan we follow to achieve it. And of course, the methods used to achieve it. In fact, the Liberalism theory generally wants to remove the state so that it stops regulating minimum wages, controlling inflation, etc... ending the social and working regulations to protect the workers. Anarchists should take care about "only" wanting to remove the state, if the economic system used after that has no changed. Because then, the level of slavery generated by a purely technocratic system can be infinitely worst... There are people who do not differentiate a Liberal from an Anarcho-capitalist, however there are many differences. For example, although Anarcho-capitalists are also governed by the supply and demand law, in theory, they are willing to put in place mechanisms to avoid the concentration of wealth, since this generates hierarchies. It is rare, therefore, to see Anarcho-capitalists organizing themselves with the rigid structures "from top to bottom", with which the capitalists are usually organized. On the other hand, there are also from the schools of Anarchy, the Anarcho-collectivists, who use another form of Capitalism for their economic system, but in its more social version. Such as ones that try to share barter or surplus between the community, trying to provide similar development opportunities for each human being. These groups are those that generally promote a Universal Basic Income for each human being, in the case of the almost completion of the increasing automation process. Of course, they are in favor of executing interventionist policies, as opposed to free-market ideas. Therefore, they are practically opposed to Anarcho-capitalists, since they will try to impose as few control measures as possible on the flow of people, goods and services, except when strictly necessary to avoid situations of oligopoly or monopoly... In conclusion: "I think that upcoming Capitalism will be 'The Gamificated Global Society of Roles & Rules' which will probably be implemented using a more "Eco-" or more "Green-" justification, but Capitalism anyway. With the threat to become a much darker system for workers and where to loose freedoms we have already been fought for. As with earth's human overpopulation, that can imply another new system of slavery for every individual mind and body, in which the subsistence will look collective, but the struggle for survival will remain individual, as ever. So again, everything will change but to remain the same"...

What happens with Work?

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..."In the way of working"...

Work is part of life, an important experience for individuals and a possible efficient path for a hypothetical collective evolutionary survival plan, but it does not free/develop a human-sapiens, fully. At least, the work as it is understood today and the way it has evolved, as if it has evolved so far. It simply maintains and provides uncomfortable states for the body, the mind and our common sense. Because work involves to all of us. Work provides some bad habits that conditioning the entire existence. And then life becomes rougher. Sometimes, if there is a criterion in the investment of resources, your life may improve in some ways, even on a personal development way, but you will still have given your time to the project of others, which may not be useful for your will, if it has no sense for yourself or if it is not related with another larger collective plan that includes you at some point. Or even, if these projects go against yourself and yours. We live in the age of connected emotions. Including empathy. Time is the unique thing that should matter to a person before money. "Worker, citizen... is time to fight for your time". Something that can be translated as an objective and a meaning of life. With the responsibility that it has for those who deliver it, the fact of only having one. The work is something very serious.. And this may be interesting, this would be an ideal situation, I may belonging to the group is a fundamental feature of the human being. However, the cohesion of that group is based on something as weak as current employment system and all the bureaucracy that hides the conditions, rights and obligations of every worker. You lose an energy, an impulse, that starts from the inside and that the hackers know well what I mean, that makes us advance in a somewhat special way and in many occasions, with an intellectual development in accordance with the data and projects in which we are usually involved. Companies strive to reach these situations, promoting tasks and group situations and seeking optimal harmony between people, through their human resources offices. And it is usually when governments participate with their dark projects, that everything becomes a nightmare for the humble worker. It is precisely in certain emotional deceptions, where the idea of the joint project is diluted, perhaps even with an interesting purpose for Humanity, the rest of species, the planet, etc... Sometimes, with saying that it is about the human condition, it seems that the problems are diluted, but it is not so. They make them bigger. Something that does not abound. But even if this happened, even so, the individual will not find full self-relation, which satisfies the inner fire that every human being carries, even from birth: to explore, play, learn and know. The real human condition... In the chain of the current working system, several of these emotional and philosophical links are lost. And these are fundamental for the happiness of the individual. So, only the perpetual agony remains with the thought that there is no other way to escape than working. This thought, is a clamp for the mind, that comes to collapse or even to disconnect the matter of their being, being therefore alienated. And the result is that ordinary people end up acting like passive workers subjected to perpetual suffering, being victims and executioners, since they collaborate directly and indirectly, to maintain a model of collective development that puts into practice a modern system of slavery. One who has multiple heads and exploits old selfish background theories and that only provides a survival plan for a few. Or some even not even that, since they are content to have a few coins to hug when the ship sinks. There are people who is feeding the darkest places of the human being and being part of the problem and not of the solution. I hope they can change their destiny, soon!. It is a pity what happens with humanity at the beginning of this century. A large part is doing useless work or that can be simply replaced. And another, in addition, putting at risk his life and that of his loved ones. It's terrible!. We walk towards extinction on earth, while we seek to conquer other worlds, so that it may provide a few the possibility of escape. It is a selfish plan. Although evolutionarily fits. As it happens with what was explained above, it will carry an immense burden of responsibility, where new, forgetfulness will be the solution and restless minds, who discover it. But we still go so badly. We have reduced as Humanity, some parameters of poverty and mortality, drastically. But still, we know that we are capable of doing better and we still do not do it. A lot of things can change from one day to the next. That is the direction in which we must work. These are the processes that should be speed-up. Whether as a hobby, professionally, etc. If you can earn your daily bread and point to the right side, you'll see how it changes up to taste. A delight!. But until then, work less and more slowly for some and start to contribute by working on the development of the others ways. The change does not have to be drastic, unless you're a mountain climber or you like extreme emotions... The boycott may be not deliver your project on time, arrive late to places, delay money. And of course, do not accept unacceptable contracts. Always keeps the dignity. Even, use it as a tool. Claim your individuality, through the collective and protect both of them. Sometimes, before to go to a collective demonstration, it is necessary to make 2 or 3 individual demonstrations at home. Connect the places of work, of struggle, of ideas... There is work to spare. It is a matter of changing the prism in which main goal: perpetual profit is focused. You see it?. And if the bread does not arrive, we will see where it is stuck and unclog it, quickly!. The work is not the end. But neither the means. May work be that which we abolish. What the machines knew how to do. That human beings knew how to govern. The greatest achievement of Humanity, past the ancient era. A new era really begins, when the next day you do not have to work and you can have, assured, a personal and collective growth space, well managed and safe. But there is no magical life. These words do not work. And it may even be a utopia to even think about it. But, I believe that the basic idea on the question of work, would be to answer the question: Do we work in the right direction, towards the just and correct end?. Do I do something, on an individual level, in the same direction?. While it is true is that the work may not reveal the meaning of life, nor save us at the last minute through the clemency of some God. It may serve as a focusable tool, collectively and individually, towards wiser objectives, being in operation as it is. Maybe we do not have to unmake everything, but redirect/reproject/reinvent it and, therefore, this will save us preciously, work. I mean, to exploit it on a most efficient way for a more inclusive collective survival plan. In any case, in a pragmatic way and although it sounds paradoxical, in the epoch in which we live, it's time to work. But being the priority you and the people you love. And if you are not for yourself, or you can fall easily on egoistic or narcissistic conditions, or even you do not have people to love, which is a really sad situation and I am so sorry, at least do it for this precious planet that has allowed us to know each other. And if you're crazy do it even for me, but please, do not try to give me more work than I already have because a good example for a path when talking about the work is working, but also saving work to others. Cheer up!...

When "playing chess"...

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..."A message for a Dalai Lama"...

Hi, mr. D. Lama. I am writing you because I think your religion is the one that has some sense from a mathematical perspective. Also, because this is a message for the future and probably other religions will be hardly relevant at that time, hehe... Look, when I am compassionate while "playing chess" with people I do not know, at least when we start playing, if at some point the situation becomes against me, nobody accepts draw as a worthy ending, with its consequent learning... At least, during the finite and limited number of times I have interacted with others being compassionate, you know, when playing this game. All of them took advantage of the occasion and nobody acted, for example, in the same way I did in first place, remembering to return compassion, with compassion. Rebooting the "compassion's marker" implied in the game. Isn't this a "universal rule", or something already given by "common sense"?. It would be interesting if that were so, because we all have the opportunity to be compassionate and, although it can be hard for our ego to admit, surely someone has been compassionate to us at some point. On the contrary, it does not seem nobody remembers that my reward for allowing a mistake was to have been brave enough to not end one of the main chess pieces in the regular way. That implies taking advantages and being more destructive, yes, but also structuring better the already written endgame, so to be quicker and painless as possible... There are some rules and I accept them as long as my opponent (at the board level, certainly someone like you understands the underlying metaphor) does too. The rules are prior to my existence, so I accept them because they can suit and benefit or protect an individual life developed in rough circumstances, and chess allows to be in an equal footing situation to start taking decisions. Also because sometimes there is no choice but to play. Neither the option to change the rules. Because of that, I think that it will always be people ready to take advantage of those who please, even for pleasure... In theory, it seems an egalitarian way to start. Although in practice, as in other disciplines, it's all about practicing, carefully. That's why silence, or some interesting sounds or music, are so important: "to not lose the attention on your practices"... And you know, you cannot be compassionate at the chess board level, because only a king can stand, remember, as a result of the rules... Maybe a king, would knew when to be compassionate, and would hurt his own people if that were necessary for the good of the most, including the opponent. Maybe the same king would need to be a tyrant king as well, knowing when to be one, and he would help his people until the end, even if that means ferocity with the opponent. What good is compassion, without a principle of resilience and a good background to withstand the blows?. Do you think that people will be ready for that at some point or in some way?. It is not better to "hit first" and act compassionately against an already defeated opponent?... "All power carries a great responsibility". If there was something or a place in the mind where to give an account. But, if you do not have it, what is left?. "Just words, sir"... I cannot imagine you, for example, questioning that if the end is already written, what is the point of playing chess?. You know, it can be, for example, try to learn not to be defeated. Or just try surviving the rules. On that way, I think that I have found a temporally method to have a bit of temporally peace: "Block everything, so nobody can move without sacrificing something". And again, the roulette of compassion, takes us to the beginning. Another possible end is to finish with all pieces on the board, including mine. In this way, at the end no one can act on the other and the game remains in tie. I imagine that a king can feel justice before something like that. Can you imagine what a pawn thinks?. What happens when I'm a pawn?. Well, I guess that a pawn tries to imagine that belongs to something bigger and obtains some benefit from it. It forgets therefore the responsibility of the king, and therefore, the power that a king has. Can be compassionate a pawn with a wrong king?. And with another pawn?. Can you imagine what a king thinks?. What happens when I'm that king?. For example, I will maybe feel compassionate again in the next game, and I won't make an "innocent" paying for the results of the previous game removing compassion from my tactics. At least, if I have the possibility to play another game. But, what happens if I haven't that possibility, again?. Strange "game" this chess, isn't it?...

What means 'ethics' for you?

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..."After Niestzche... without falling into the Nihilism of some schools from classical Anarchism... and being close to the reciever as much as possible"...

Once, at the end of a conference on computer security... at a University in Catalonia, and with the contextual presence of some famous antivirus software companies and other security IT related companies, even sharing the stage, in which they disguise some of their products as techniques or science and try to sell them to the rest of the scientifics-Community, sometimes including a subliminal marketing way... A talk which alluded to certain aspects of the "ethical hacking", questioning its use and how, including the term, has been appropriated, like other symbols and methodologies, from Anarcha/Hacker cultures and from other sub-cultures that have merged from them, or that have gone evolving in parallel to them, like for example, those movements directly related with Transhumanism/Cyboring, or some interesting Malthusianism dilemmas, or even several sci-fi distopic ideas, etc... A common trought in which a possible goal to reach by the governments and several companies, is not only pushing societies into keep a global slavery system going on, but also to build; "a non-directly scary but directly 'smart', apparently futuristic but with an old selfish background, unique point of view for all ideas, technologies and things". A system, for the mind. Ones with an unique rule that goes about only applying cosmetic changes and empty policies to society, every some time, so that "everything changes, but remains the same"... Including also, security industry business, in which for example, some companies are hiddenly selling software to governments and Military Departments from different countries, which is used to deploy massively surveillance systems on an efficient way, and sometimes even including a "defensive related argument" with the implementation that always has some kind of priority attached, of course, required by one of the multiple National Security Departments running, and probably in the form of a public message, that tries to justify a need of resources but using any interesting related task, as an excuse. And that excuse will be fundamentally based and focused into exploit several of the human primary emotional conditions, as for example, fear. So, simply saying that it is an important tool to be used on "war against terrorism" and that the best for the population, in that case, will be to sacrify some of their liberties to apparently have more security, it is done. An Orwellian system that always ends being used against the citizens, even that is paid by them from their taxes and that, from a pragmatic point of view, who never contributes to decrease some criminality statistics, or to increase some citizens safety perceptions markers, on the real life, almost for the poor. A methodology which is used against the citizens but also against possible subversive ideas generated and shared, for/by them. Something that is very typical of totalitarian regimes. And this is done by security companies or companies that contribute to maintain some levels of control but also for other IT related companies, as for example, those dedicated to social networks... Even some political parties, include terms like "hackathon", to attract the youngest, using the subversiveness with which the term had in the past, but that nowadays has nothing compared to the original fact... So, at the end and after answering some interesting questions about the software I had just presented with this particular ideas, at one point I told to one of the assitance that: "the ethics are like the asses, each one has his own". Perhaps, the most intelligent reader, believes that I was wrong and that in reality I was referring to morality. And no, although it is not the same, ethics, in theory, refers to individual politics and morality to the collective... Anarchism says: "Each individual has jurisdiction over their own body". So, from my point of view, ethics are based on emotions and these are directly related with the desire for a type of happiness and the human condition, itself. While the second, morality, which also changes with the years and in other levels of the main conception of what we understand as an individual, refers to accepted collective behavior. For example, during a long period of history, morality supported the burning of people accused of heresy, as public acts, something unthinkable today. Recall also, that according to Roman Law, the judicial system on which the judicial system of today is based, laws must conform to ethics. And my argument is that ethics are defined by ideas and that they all seek some kind of path, towards a certain concept of happiness. So for me, the feeling of happiness, is precisely what makes us all human beings, truly unique individuals. Of course, there are those who try to homogenize happiness, through lying or generating unnecessary needs, something that loves Consumerism because is one of the main engines of the capitalist economic utopia. One more of the layers that, together with the caste system or the aristocracy system, the laboring system and the justice system, that includes the political system and the fact of to vote, suppodesly in order to choose for those that can create laws..., make up, working togheter as a machinery, what we understand as the Establishment. Also we can include to the mass-media and the FUD/shock based doctrine that some are continously applying to the citizens, as another relevant internal part of this big monster, etc. I think it's important to try to understand that Capitalism is only one part of the whole system, but it is neither the only nor the fundamental one, almost in theoretical terms. This can also be translated as a message of proximity, in the open debate between Anarcho-capitalism and Anarcho-collectivism theories, since although both share the prefix Anarcho and come from anarchist schools, their main ideals are practically opposed... Therefore, a common good advice to practice ethics, including those related to the Hacker ethics, is: "...knowing how to share and learn, from the ideas of happiness that you have yourself but also from those that others have and trying to include them in your life, always questioning the cost of obtaining and maintaining that happiness, and having present the fact that supposes to keep an idea during time that includes a perpetual seek for an emotional state of the mind, it is a really confusing meaning of life and probably, a wrong path for a correct self-realization of any individual, if it takes long time"...

A contact view...

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..."About myself"...

When some things start, others just finish. Change is the only constant. Almost, in this galaxy. And a tradition, can be a stick in the wheel of change. I feel myself anti-capitalist, anti-consumerist, anti-clasista, ecologist and even anarchist. And quite contrary to everything Anti-. I am aware of the language barriers and for that I need labels to put, hundreds, to give a more accurate perspective, not only about me but also about you and about all. We live in the society of labels that seek to have everything under control, because we are afraid of not knowing things. I know what the game is about. I've been watching it long time. I am a hacker. {Wake up!}. So it may not even be anything like that. Life is a mirror of confusion. And we must deal with some apparently perpetual contradictions. But just do not look at yourself. Or into others. Or even on me, which is the person I better know. The thing is try to not look too much. You have to know, like when you work with the silence, when to look and how. Same to speak. Time is the unique value on this game. No narcissism. Or a bit, but under constact work. As machismo. As sadness itself. Like every human condition. Life is a race of resistance. And although the end is tragic, it is worth participating. Go out and dance when you feel that is a need because life is also to enjoy. Sometimes I lie to protect myself from threats that do not exist. Paranoia can be silenced with a mixture of madness. Sometimes with drugs. But always with courage at the root. No Solipsism. From that, by the moment, I am pretty sure. Ideas and beliefs also change. You aren't alone, almost for me. I always try my best against the frontiers. The truth always ahead. Like the life. Like the love. {Stop!}. Now to speak and to contribute, it is a duty. Let's save almost something. Let's walk towards extinction with our heads held high, at least, saving the planet so that other forms of life can continue. Self-destruction but from a compassion perspective. And I am in several of its phases and other more experimental. I let myself be influenced, as I have also been an influence. And no, I do not say that I agree with anarchism, but I am an anarchist. And I feel proud, not only of being one, but of being able to say it openly to the world, with all the repressive consequences that this may have... From nowadays feminism (also called from "third wave") I have learned, although it seems a contradiction, that language is not so important. But the consciousness that has been generated from it, even if it has been incorrect. Behind every thought there is an emotion and so on. That the barrier is not overcome, putting others. That custom, is the enemy of evolution... Before, if he was an anarchist of purity, he was in communion, for that reason: "an anarchist never says he is, but rather a communion". "Look at me world, I am not in communion with anarchism. But I am an anarchist". The rules are to be put to the test, including those that govern the ideology. How good it is to read every day a little of everything and everything about something concrete. If you do it as something everyday, like someone who pisses in the garden to feel the flat nature, in an outburst to transgress, even, about something as natural and beneficial as it is. Like masturbation or menstruation. But including on that practices also to save water for the rest, for example... Equality. Responsible vital balance. I wish a man could shave his beard to another without feeling any blush. The brotherhood of the warrior. Let the routine be the maintenance of the body, the mind, the common sense and the house. "Children of Hades. It's time to depart Concordia in pieces". How to smile, regardless of the pain with which it is charged, for the benefit of Humanity... Before, I did not think it was relevant to say where it comes from. That it was a burden, of those that labeled you to a site, and that gave too much information to strangers. Now I have it clear. It is important to say it. The context. I'm here, because of my past. I am the sum of everything I went. I am my current self and my past self. But also I am my future self. I am all of them and at same time. I am my friends. And I am my family. And I never make a distinction between them. I do not use social networks too much, nor do I have a smartphone. Even, nor do I have a checking account in any bank. I have nothing with me and everything is close, but buried, hidden or well guarded. I have some solar panels to provide some energy to my non-legal place to life, which I call when the sun is on my smile: "sweet homelab". I am from the Basque Country as a placement reference. Specifically from Bilbao. Although I also owe my being to all the places I have gone through, I limit myself to giving a specific and important piece of information. I am international-list. But I understand that sometimes is needed to use nationalism as a temporal tactic for some kind of warfare. I still believe in Humanity... I was born, along with what is now the cradle of the "bread and circus" of my town, although converted to geriatric and whose name does justice, perhaps not very poetic, "Sacred Heart". I was born in the harsh period, with an open war, lasting, terrible and very very present in the streets, in the trains, in the looks. Between an oppressed people and a decadent and rancid empire. Among a group of scoundrels, prisoners of drugs and many times, no reason, and a people who did not understand certain extremes, certain peculiarities, histories and other emotional elements of the equation. And I was born into a traditional working class family. Where the male goes to look for resources and the female keeps the home and the pot, hot, sickly ordered and with a customary vision in the decoration. Even if they don't know how to love each other. Nothing out of the ordinary, being poor as I still am. I prefer to say that I am rich in other values. Although this cost me to be poor in real life. I do not believe that the middle class exists. As I do not think it is something to say that you are poor, mostly because the privileged society marker is defined by an imaginary, fiduciary and slave value as the currency and its international market. Once I believed that I was middle class, but luckily, I took the reins of my life, starting in squatting groups, with about 20 years old and while I was studying, the mind immediately eliminated it. How beautiful the experience, how it overcomes theory and practice together. It is so, far-sighted, as the enemy's comfort of reason. Let's go, free yourself, normalize it. Hack your mind!. There are no drugs, they are just addictions. Decontrol of the mind-body balance. Balance your being. Make it the routine. There is the right to self-destruction. Honor, if it is not free, is paid high in the spheres of honesty. That, whether or not they govern the existence of a plan, are good forms and Humanity, even though it sounds worn out, still needs values to rework. In the crisis of values, reuse more than recycle, combine rather than single out, add more than subtract and dispose more than snatch. Every offense involves a defense. And if there is violence, mud and our perversion, double will be the chimera and their heads, and the tombs to dig, but it will be done, as has always been done, until a glimpse of perception is observed. It is there, then, that the sovereignty that gives power, putrefied, surely has those heights, becomes a slab that anarchists will know how to discard, for the training that supposes to fight the hierarchies since they are born. And so it will be, distributed, encrypted in a preventive and federated way in your organization. Sustainable, or with assumed extinction. The advancement of the new era. And the devacle of our civilization. At least, as it is erected. I do not want the world to burn, because I love life and all the beings that populate the earth, including fossils or the unfortunate. But I am willing to destroy it in his name. What a vital paradox. I like to be a human... Thank you schools of anarchy for this: "No fear, no limits, no control". For that I fight against control. For that I try to bypass every limit I have. Because I don't want to feel fear, nevermove. One million of masks for all of you. Now I know that I am not alone...

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..."I think that"...

"I am not afraid of the doctrine of violence imposed by governments, companies, individuals... because I think that I have enough reasons and strategies to deactivate them, at least until they make a new update and I adapt myself and all the underlying mechanisms (related to: mind, common habits, ethics ...), to the new taxation. What really worries me, is the silence of the people who tolerate it, even passively, because their permanent madness escapes all reasoning. Sometimes I think to just hacking their minds or freeing them from the equation. In either case, they are treated as mere simplistic beings with semi-consciousness. I would even risk my freedom to defend their lives, although I might not mix too much with them. Yet, in its united strength is where the solution lies. A beautiful social paradox that makes the unjust prevail and evolve. I guess it is a matter of simply changing that. Don't you think?..."

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  • When something is -gratis/nonfree-, you are the product!.
  • The lie has real parts. The truth does not contemplate lies.
  • I prefer to live standing. Than die on my knees.
  • In the future all people will have their five minutes of privacy.
  • Electricity and water always use the paths of least resistance. It is no accident that we are made of those materials.
  • I like it when it smells like: wet earth, storm, hot soup, sea breeze, clay, clean sheet, opportunity, animal baby, incan-east ash and revolution.
  • The best thing about sleeping is; Know how to stop and get up.
  • The worst of death is; That doesn't smile at you.
  • If the lights go out, the shadows come on.
  • Reality does not allow anyone to look it in the eyes, so the reason for understanding it is not enough.
  • A revolution is a matter of attitudes, not skills.
  • Learn to live without technology, while it expands, for when everything is to live with technology and contract.
  • There are no known cases of minds that move objects, but there are millions of examples of objects that move minds.
  • Greed breaks the sack, and greed sews it with pieces of the soul.
  • Who watches the watchman? Ethics.
  • Question everything. And if at any time you don't, ask yourself why.
  • What is the simplest of Democracy? Use it against others.
  • The sky is reached by assault. To hell by invitation.
  • When the country is saved, reason is drowned.
  • Crazy love, hate rope.
  • Fear of evil. And even more, to goodness.
  • The worst nightmares are awake.
  • Who eats the lie is soaked in ignorance.
  • Having to work for a salary is not the solution, it is part of the problem.
  • Who despises life, appreciates death. Who appreciates life, maybe appreciate death or maybe not.
  • When killing is culture, ignorance is the only possible representative hymn.
  • The best path is made on foot.
  • Compulsive purchase, degenerative disease.
  • When you laugh at the politician, the banker laughs at you.
  • There is no worse vital strategy today, than to ignore spending on resources in the way of life, living precisely a way of life based on accumulating and consuming resources.
  • In a well structured organization, the rhythm of the group is marked by care.
  • The habit makes the monk and the routine perpetuates religion.
  • Do not bite the hand that feeds you and if you do, let it be to tear it off.
  • The tree always tells you what branches you can cut.
  • If space looks at us, time does not advance.
  • Sometimes when you think of a person, it is because that person is thinking of you.
  • Compassion is a virtue.
  • Honored people, respected people.
  • If the system disconnects you from nature, it is because nature disconnects you from the system.
  • Nature generates its own technology. It repairs itself. It does not use patents. Its content is Public Domain. And works.
  • They bark later, they don't wear a muzzle.
  • Efficiency is to light the fire by blowing the coals of the previous day.
  • Capitalism offers you what you want, not what you need.
  • Who knows how to die, knows how to live.
  • Sometimes half truth serves as a double lie.
  • Hot water relaxes the mind. Cold water enhances courage.
  • Better poor without working, than poor working.
  • Societies change in a day, when you face and meanwhile, you live on the cross.
  • Spit the emperor for every coin he offers you, only then will he understand who is more powerful of the two.
  • Capitalism creates the present, destroying the future.
  • In hell they staple your mouth to avoid seeing you smile.
  • If I am not in your reality, I will be in your dreams. But I am in your dreams, it is because I have returned to your reality.
  • Wealth lives in the heart. The poverty in the soul.
  • Studies can rid you of many things, except being an idiot.
  • All technologies created by capital, sustain some kind of hierarchy.
  • There are two values ​​that always bristle my skin: dignity and loyalty.
  • In the absence of culture, they are all labels.
  • The style is born of the limits.
  • I am not what you find, when I am what you are looking for.
  • The question is not when, the question is how.
  • I have no hope in the future, the future is chaos. I have all hope in the future, the future is chaos.
  • The only way to deal with a world without freedom, is to become so free that your mere existence, be an act in itself of freedom.
  • There is no truth, without reason.
  • Nothing happens by chance. Everything has a material cause.
  • Everything is impossible. Nothing is impossible.
  • Add and not subtract.
  • The important thing is to never stop asking questions.
  • Any past tense, I ignored the present, looking at the future.
  • It's something, and more than anything, but alone, if it helps.
  • An attitude is worth a thousand words, If it becomes a fact.
  • Any evidence is relative to a relative context.
  • Technology broadens the senses, but it is still the brain that decides.
  • Identity must mutate to the rhythm of memory, but without waiting for it.
  • We breathe to live. We breathe to die.
  • The surprise factor helps to conquer if it remains, and to maintain, if conquered.
  • You cannot defeat an adversary that you cannot see. Victory is not having adversaries.
  • First space, then time. And after cause and effect, a universe is generated.
  • It is easy to locate a single identity, as it is to locate none. The secret is in handling many.
  • Worth it or not, I plan to resurrect in each conscience.
  • In the face of adversity, calm. Before the calm, restlessness.
  • Visibility is contrary to autonomy, except when it must be agreed.
  • Mood is a bastion and perseverance is the tool.
  • The universe sounds and life listens.
  • There is no freedom of expression, but there is freedom of thought.
  • A message in a bottle can cross an ocean, if even the cap resists to its destination.
  • The uniqueness of technology includes dystopia.
  • Be aware, Be balanced, Be healthy, Be happy.
  • Emotional reasoning.
  • Balance ignorance to support emotion.
  • Inert shadows arise from his indecision, windmills that turn to the astonishment of the passerby, hard times to migrate from reason, it is their whispers, which feed my mind, and his words, the ones that disturb my heart.
  • Light of lights that shine and shine, Ténue is useless, if you cast empty hope, and not turned off either, because it means that there is nothing left. Glitter of glitters that shine as bright, You have no use, if you project what you are not, and splendid either, because it means there is nothing left.
  • Clear are the days, when the darkness seems clearer.
  • I will not become part of your cage. Do not become part of mine.