"To have an idea is a personal experience. A secret that escapes to any third party control. It is a soul's projection. A /root/ access. The last resort of privacy on a worldwide surveillance system. For that we should protect our right to keep and spread dreams, even if we think that we haven't any..."

Will: Hacktivism /old-school/ computers security quest...
Pan0ptic0n BBS UNSystem: An experimental old-fashion crypto BBS.
DieKunstDerFuge: Video on different topics related to hacktivism recorded during 2013 from an intimate narrative perspective.
Spanish Notes: Some texts, cites, paranoias, jokes and reflexions.
Turina Server: Free software tools dedicated server for projects related with artists, musicians, activists and entrepreneurs.
The Wall/El Muro: "The Wall against the walls..."
Anarcho-AI: Theory model for social organization.
The richest man in Babylon: "Numbers better than words..."