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- AnonTwi: Tool for OAuth2 applications (such as: GNUSocial, Twitter) that provides different layers of privacy/encryption.
- Bordercheck: Tool to visualize 'real-time' on a world map the geolocation of data when surfing the web.
- CIntruder: Tool to bypass captchas using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) bruteforcing methods.
- Collatz: Tool to simulate the Collatz's conjeture.
- ECOin: Decentralized key/value registration and transfer system based on Bitcoin technology (a cryptocurrency).
- Goldbach: Tool to simulate the Goldbach's conjeture.
- Lorea: Social networking autonomous project to build a distributed, encrypted and federated network.
- Orb: Tool for massive footprinting.
- Propagare: Tool for extraction, organization and semantic analysis of news.
- PyAISnake: Tool to train AI models on solve spatial problems through the classic video game "snake".
- PyDog4Apache: Tool to sneak logs from Apache web server.
- UFONet: Tool to launch Layer 7 (HTTP/Web Abuse) DDoS & DoS attacks (a botnet).
- XSSer: Automatic -framework- to detect, exploit and report XSS vulnerabilities.

- Anarcho-AI: Wiki-Theory model for a futuristic social organization.